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Sanyo 20EZ Chasis - Burning up R471



Symptoms: 20EZ losing high voltage and is burning up the resistor R471 and was blowing the 300mA fuse.

Solution: replaced the burnt resistor, checked the HOT to make sure that was still good. HOT tested bad, so replaced with a NTE89. Fired it back up again, same results. Afterwords I swapped the flyback as that can cause the same issues (and I had one off a working chassis on hand), this solved the issue. Chassis is now working just fine and is ready to roll again.



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hey i need help with a panasonic tau sl15

the geometry is off but the service menu is limited. options like pin cushin do nothing, like literally, it lets me adjust but nothing happens. any advice would be awesome.

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5 hours ago, docile tapeworm said:

when i put up the grid in 240 test suite its crooked

Like the whole picture is turned slightly? Sounds like the yoke is physically turned by a little bit.

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