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Vision Pro MTG-2901 - DOA/clicking



Monitor: Vision Pro MTG-2901

Symptoms: Completely dead, clicking when powered on

Troubleshooting steps:

Like with any monitor, the first thing I do is make a capacitor kit and replace all the capacitors on the chassis. Arcade monitors work long hours and have exceeded their life in many cases. This is especially important with these Happ and Vision Pro monitors, of which have terrible capacitors. Replacing the capacitors in this instance had no real effect on the issue.

Upon inspection, I noticed that R812 got hot, although it tested good. It is involved in driving the switch mode power supply (SMPS). Looking at the circuit, it is involved with Q801, a 2SC2073 used in driving the SMPS. It looked like that got hot as well.



It's safe to say, if this isn't working, the SMPS won't be able to operate correctly. Replacing it ended up solving the issue, I also replaced the resistor because I didn't want to return this with a burnt resistor.


Solution: Replaced Q801 (2SC2073) and R812 (68ohm 1/2W)


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