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About this blog

This is just a blog for me to store my repair logs. I think it would be useful to others here if I post them as I am doing more repairs on arcade PCBs.

Entries in this blog

Laser War Pinball - Some Flashers Stuck On

This was a quick fix as I've seen this issue before. So I was working on a Data East Laser war pinball machine, and some of the flashers were stuck on. This pinball machine just had all of its bulbs replaced with LEDs, so realistically there shouldn't have been a problem. There were also several stuck on so it was more than just a bad socket or a wiring issue. I identified the bulbs as the following:   Flashers are driven by the solenoid circuits, so it seemed odd that the flasher

Street Fighter 2 Pinball - No Sound

Something a bit different from the usual arcade repairs, recently I picked up a Street Fighter 2 pinball machine (my first pin). It was a wild ride fixing up that, but that's a writeup for another day. As the title states, the big problem at hand was that the table was not putting out any valid sound, there was buzzing but none of Guile's theme or whatnot.  So in Street Fighter 2, it utilized the Gottlieb System 3 boardset. This utilized two different sound boards, a large main sound board
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