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Happ SE-M21C - Horizontal Jitters



So this was a quick one. I got a monitor about a month ago as just a tube and chassis, as the original owner wanted to keep the frame. I assembled a new frame out of the sides of what I believe was the sides of a WG19K4900 and the base of a G07. 


After it was all assembled again, I jst needed to test it. Looking at the screen, it was obvious that it had a case of the jitters. I also realized I plugged the yoke in the flipped image plug. 


After looking closly at it, I noticed that it was only being jittery in a horizontal position, meaning that it had to do with the horizontal sync or horizontal deflection.


It ended up being C327 right by the flyback. Notice the top is kind of bulging.


After replacing it, the monitor is looking pretty good. Its a low hour tube with only a bit of burn. A very nice monitor altogether. All that is left is to replace the rest of the capacitors as it is probably ready for it.

broken picture links


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