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  1. Interesting. I admit I’m not huge on grading games, but I’ll likely sample this company’s services as well. Tried Wata and VGG….soon VGC and this one as well
  2. Must’ve gotten lucky with Wurm. I’ve only seen 1 copy in the wild, snagged it a few years back. Label is not pristine, but it’s not bad. +1 to the person who mentioned Thrilla Safari! Totally Rad is one that I’m always looking to get a label upgrade for while out and about. Can never find that one in great shape.
  3. @epiczail, good post. Similar experience. The one game I submitted to Wata, around May of 2019 I believe, arrived back with a pretty scuffed case. The scuffing is on the INSIDE surface of the case which I thought was odd. What I’m referring is in the image attached around and below the title. They did offer to replace, but I didn’t want to pay for shipping and wait months again to get it back. The grade for mine though for pretty spot on, IMO. First impressions are a powerful thing. Not too big on grading games to begin with, but I won’t send them anything again. I only have 2 graded games, and if I do anymore it’ll be with VGA or VGG (yup, I said VGG ) This isn’t a big value title, but it is one of my absolute faves from childhood.
  4. Definitely not going to pull a Kip and shove it under a tire like Tupperware. Lol. But I gave into peer pressure and gave it a drop from waist height onto the carpet. Survived fully intact. There, y’all happy?!?!
  5. I’m right there with you about this. I did get a response from them stating it is by design to let things breathe while it’s slabbed. I guess I could get that reasoning to an extent just thinking of how temp fluctuations cause things to expand and contract. Idk. BUT….What would worry me is environmental damage. Grading services (at least to my knowledge) don’t provide slabs that are fully water or airtight. But the gaps on these cases do seem to leave it more vulnerable to things like humidity, moisture, and such than others. I could be wrong about all of this though. Fwiw, I do still dig it sitting on the shelf in the game room. Guess that’s all that matters!
  6. Don’t you think think box has already had enough over its lifetime? In all seriousness, I don’t think I want to do that! If does feel pretty sturdy though. I trusted the durability enough to let me young kids carry it around and look at it. Is that enough?
  7. So the game arrived back and overall I’m pretty happy with it. I intentionally sent in a lowball condition CIB SMB3 “left” variant that had been sitting on a shelf for nearly a decade…so any peanut gallery comments about why I sent in something in this condition, meh whatever. Not a huge person on grading games, but I wanted to give a new company a fair shake and sample. I will try and provide fair and honest feedback. We’ll start with the positives first… Turnaround time….”A+“… I used the “level 3” option at the 50% Labor Day discount and ordered on 9/01. The game arrived at VGG 9/03, pregrading photos up 9/04, results in 9/08, and back safely in my hands 9/14. Pretty quick and better than advertised. Customer Service…”A”….answered questions in a timely manner. You couldn’t ask for anything better in this regard. Online service….”A”….really easy to navigate your dashboard for orders. You get email alerts when your order status changes. I will be completely honest and say VGG’s pregrading pictures knock the socks off a major competitor. They’re bright and clear, not muddy. Very easy to see your CIB game, the contents, and identify it. Opinion of the grade…”A”….nothing surprising at all. Interesting that they provide an EXTREMELY detailed grading report (digital and paper) so you can easily see exactly where the deductions are….Kind of like that sort of transparency. The case label….”B-“….it’s ok. The part below the number grade where it looks like a security holo in their pictures, appears to just ink on paper. The back of the label does provide good detail about the contents, but parts of the text that are lower case get cut off. There’s also a QR code for easy verification, a date of grading, and holo VGG sticker on the back as well. The case…think it needs to be broken down into eye appeal and security. Overall appearance…”B”. Looks are subjective though. I personally think it looks fine and keeps attention where it should be, which is on the box. I dig it being displayed on my top shelf. Security/full protection…”C“… maybe? Not exactly sure where it should fully land. I’m not sure if/how everything “locks” into place so to speak, like the security measures of the Wata cases (it may very well, I’m just not able to determine that). There is a foil type security sticker that I guess would give you a clue if it’s been tampered with. There are also little gaps in rounds/cornering on the case front….that appears to be by design (close up pic below). Can anyone enlighten me on what’s up with that? Would I use them again? Probably, especially if they have another big sale. Customer service seems top notch. Turn-around time is better than advertised. If the case were improved I would definitely be on board in the future. These are all my opinions. Others will feel one way or another about any service they use.
  8. As anticipated, my low ball CIB variant graded horribly with VGG. Lol. Will say it’s interesting they provide a FULL report showing exactly where the box, manual, and cartridge had score deductions. Their pre-grading images are also much more bright/clear and not muddy (like one of their competitors that will go unnamed). The game is on the way back (I did their 15 day turnaround), so I can post a brief review next week if anyone is interested. And say whatever you want, like I’m not using my money wisely as stated above….I don’t really care or give a darn.
  9. Know a lot of negative comments will come out, but I’m interested in trying out “the other guy”. The process, customer service, turnaround, final product, etc. Do have to say VGG’s customer service so far gets an A+. Very quick responses and actually give direct/satisfactory answers to questions. Can’t say that about one of their competitors! Giving it a go with what will be a lower grade CIB variant to see how it rolls.
  10. Just saw this on FB a little while ago. New guys on the block….but for 50% off, going to give them a try with one of the quicker turnaround tiers. Thought some of you here may be interested!
  11. No one out there with PAL Les Schtroumpfs or Die Schlümpfe for the NES? happy new year everyone!
  12. Know this wasn’t a North American release, so I’m looking for a pal version I can play in the NES top loader. Anyone in the US have one they’re willing to part with?
  13. @Hybrid I acquired a 5 Screw version of Silent Service. Also, I am no longer in possession of the 5 screw Jackal...it’s now in the hands of an awesome user on this forum
  14. Found my N7 variant in a lot of a couple games on eBay for $18 I think. They’re out there and it was fun to finally find it cheaply!
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