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  1. I'll try to remember to post the food pictures at dinner time. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  2. Either because I need the money for something else or that an item has become so expensive that it's tough not to at least consider selling.
  3. I'm not that familiar with them, but they are pretty good. Solid 7/10.
  4. I had one of those that I won at the county fair as a kid. I'm sure that it got thrown away years ago.
  5. I guess they just invite everybody! Good to see you buddy!
  6. I got one run in yesterday morning just to see what I could have done and that was as far as I got.
  7. I gave it a 9. It's slightly behind the NES and SNES for me, but it's still one of the best consoles of all time.
  8. Maybe I dodged a bullet. The 2013 contest was the only time that I ever finished in last place. I think I only did one run given that I didn't really care for it. I'd probably do a little better if I had to play it.
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