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  1. Look, man. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this, but you’re very ugly. Like people talk about it.
  2. Did you see that this same seller listed a Hagane with a starting bid of $1300 that failed to sell? I really think Hagane prices will eventually come back to earth.
  3. Little update here. I checked JJ Games website and saw that they had a copy of The Mask for way less than the current market price. It arrived the other day. Feel like I lucked out.
  4. A few years ago I had to make a choice, TurboGrafx or Sega Saturn—couldn’t afford both. I picked the Saturn and am left to wonder, “what if?” sigh....
  5. That makes sense. I gotta saythough, I’m surprised it’s gone as high as it has. There’s a cart only copy on eBay right now going for way more than it has a right to... https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Mask-Super-Nintendo-Entertainment-System-SNES-OEM-Cartridge-Only/303949218092?epid=214710404&hash=item46c4c9012c:g:AbwAAOSw7QdgbKg8
  6. You know, I kinda miss Club Nintendo. Sure we have “My Nintendo” now, but it’s not quite the same is it? Here’s a couple pics of some of the stuff I have. Not pictured: a Pikmin tote bag I got for the wife, and the Platinum Playing Cards. What did you get From Club Nintendo?
  7. in this hobby, I have more regrets about the stuff I didn't buy. So no I don’t have a cap per se. I kind of play it by ear.
  8. I paid $90 for mine. At the time I was picking up all Natsume games for SNES. Both Pocky and Rocky games are a good time, the first title being superior IMO. But the best game they have on the platform is Wild Guns—that game is serious fun.
  9. I never thought I’d see Hagane hit $1K. I remember it hit $800 some time ago and then it fell back down to ~$500 a few months later. I expect the price will drop again.
  10. I’ve been wanting to start this thread for awhile. Prices have been kind of erratic with the pandemic, and stimulus money, and Wata, and the latest influx of new collectors, etc. My hope is that this thread will provide some perspective. Please feel free to jump in with your thoughts, advice, and predictions. I’ll start: The Mask on SNES seems to be on the rise recently. I know it’s a somewhat uncommon game but I expect that the recent spike won’t last. A similar jump happened with Casper on SNES not too long ago, and that game has since stabilized. Shining Force II
  11. This thread reminded me that I want to start a price thread. So I will
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