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Game Room Closet (Mission Complete)


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I believe that every collectors deep down desire is in fact, more shelf space! Ever since I started collecting my game room have always been evolving. Always trying to squeeze out a spot for a few more games.

 Having a family that I share a house with, I have to be creative to say the least. The idea to redo my closet was inspired by the Stop Skeletons From Fighting podcast #59. Derek and Grace talked about removing closet doors from the closet because it’s a freeing experience. I got me thinking. So I got to work and I’d like to share the journey  

To date I have cleaned it out, fixed the walls, sanded and washed them. Ready for paint! 

More to come!

Before, the overflow is real…





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18 hours ago, MrWunderful said:

Looks good. I did the same exact thing to my game room closet, even though its much smaller. 

Thanks man. I still got a ways to go yet. I needed to fix the floor where the old shelf sat. It was a little time consuming and a bit of a challenge since I only have a hand saw ha ha. Had to cut 3/4” thin pieces to slot in the holes. Still need a little more work before this part is done.



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A bunch of new updates for the closet over the past few days. 

I put wood filler putty that’s for laminate around the pieces I fit in. Blends in better. Good enough


Then I completed the right side for shelf. Each shelf is a custom measurement to accommodate the larger boxes I will be putting in there. All the materials used are recycled from materials I had already. 


I just got home from the hardware store with the remaining materials needed for the next section.  Dam, this stuff is not cheap! Oh well it will be worth it. 

More to come..



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I have been doing a bunch of work to the closet but have not been sharing. It was a lot of trial and error with building the remaining shelves. There was a lot of “if I just move this shelf 2 inch’s I can fit more games and boxes in” so I would have to rework stuff tweaking over and over. It was a slow process but necessary. 


There was this very old 70’s stereo cabinet I just didn’t have  the heart to get rid of. So I incorporated it into the setup. It was my parents originally then my older brother used it in the basement in the 90s. He spray painted it with a special paint. I then got it from him for my gaming setup back in the 2000’s. I actually had a mini bar in it during my early 20’s ha ha. (I have pictures of that somewhere). It’s old and beat up a bit but I reinforced it the best I could. It literally fit perfect. Like an 1/8th to spare! Was meant to be. 


Here is the final installation of the shelves. I will have to paint it all now. The lights are temp for now, I had to rework and upgrade my power supply to accommodate the additional lighting.


 More to come. 



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I started this project Jan 3rd and I am 95% complete as of yesterday Jan 30th. I will be adjusting and tweaking forever in here but overall it is complete. For example the lights still need to be properly hung but I might change the orientation of them but time will tell if I like them the way they are.  

I am very happy with the final design and functionality of it. It opens up my game room an extra 2 1/2 feet! No more claustrophobic  Sega corner! 


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22 minutes ago, VGCollectaholic said:

Wow, really nicely done!  The finished product looks fantastic.  What a transformation!

Thanks man! It really was a labor of love. It is taking a bit to get used to. It is kind of bizarre, have the space opened up like it is now. I am loving it. Now I gotta clean up the rest of the basement, the arcade area needs a major revamp now!

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