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Nintendo 64 Weekly Contest Round 3: Tetrisphere


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Hello and welcome to the third round of the Nintendo 64 Weekly Contest!  This week's game is Tetrisphere.


- Play on Single Player, Time Trial mode.

- Highest score wins.

- You have until 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, January 2, 2022 to submit your score.

For general contest rules, click here:


Good luck and have fun!


1. 1,164,400 (Gloves)

2. 496,800 (RH)

3. 465,900 (ZeldaFan042)

4. 463,100 (Jeevan)

5. 177,200 (Splain)

6. 155,600  (Krunch)

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I might try a bit more just to get up in ranks, but I'm not feeling this one. Just doesn't gel with me. Here's my participation score.


I swear, I am getting lucky. I can open 4 cores on a good run but I have no clue how to make mega-combos, but that appears to be your ticket to success.

SCORE: 496,800



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