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TinyNES preorders open now on Crowd Supply


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Thoughts on this?



Interestingly, there's apparently a single cartridge that they are aware doesn't work on it, and it might be a doozy for some folks:

"At this time, there is (unfortunately) one cartridge known to be incompatible with the TinyNES console. This cart is the RetroUSB PowerPak, a ROM loader cartridge that uses CF cards for storage." xD




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Well they weren't lying, it's tiny, as tiny as you I think probably could get without compromising things as it has to fit the ports for the controllers and enough of a slot for LxWxD on a NES cart to safely sit and not shift.  Pretty old school too with the RCA action only there.

Pretty funny the bunnyboy special is the only failure.

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My guess is keeping it authentic.  I mean they're chopping old Nintendo's I guess that were dead and harvesting the CPU and PPU for this little kit of a console after all, and then have modern clones to work from after.  I guess it would come down to price if this is a joke or not.

I'd be curious to see how ugly or not with a good RCA to HDMI convertor the image could be if someone went that route.

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