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Tri-Star 64 8bit/16bit adaptor for N64


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Oi, you! Look at this here!


This is the Tri-Star 64 adaptor for N64! Have you ever wanted to play NES, Famicom or Super Nintendo, but HATE the fact you can't use the best controller ever made to play them? Well now you CAN use the awesome N64 controller to play them all!!! 😊😊😊


The Tri-Star 64 is basically like a 32x, sitting atop the N64 and plugging in to the AV out and sucking it's juices through the built-in cable here... I mean actually it's kind of a REVERSE 32x seeing as it is intended to help you play LESS powerful games, but hey, similar concept!


As you can see, it looks GREAT. Now, time for ACTION!!! First of all you gotta plug it into the wall, it requires its OWN power supply, which is NOT included in the box. As always, the trusty Genesis Model 1 adaptor works fine with it. It is also necessary to plug an N64 game in the front there to trick the N64 into accepting its fate.


Okay, so now it's time to start filling the other slots. This is the Japanese version so it has a Famicom slot at the back there, although it will also function with NES games if you use an adaptor for your adaptor, so you can adapt your NES games while you adapt your NES games.


The middle slot there is for SNES/SFC games, so, by all means fill'er up!


After that, it's time to boot up the BEAST!!! It begins with a quick splash screen followed by a menu to choose whatever, INCLUDING a built-in game genie for N64 games! 😲



Okay, now all that remains is to play Ninja Gaiden II on my N64 with my wonderful N64 controller as GOD INTENDED!!!Β 


Oh, well actually the famicom component of the system seems to be faulty. I tried a bunch of different games, but none of them worked, and it cut out the video signal!Β πŸ˜…Β 

Perhaps it can be fixed, but I have no intention of trying. Oh well, let's move on to the Super Nintendo! Imagine how much better Super Metroid will be when played on an N64! This is going to be SWEET!


AWESOME!!! It displays the PAL Super Nintendo warning screen FLAWLESSLY! Impressive performance. Let's try another classic:


Good GOD, it's like I'm really there! The humming on the audio channel and hazy visual distortions greatly improve the enjoyment of this timeless Mario Adventure.


It looks great, honestly, it's like a VHS recording from the 90's, you remember how great those was! 😚

Time to pull this ship around FULL CIRCLE, and try out some N64 on my N64! 🀩


Can you believe I'm actually playing Mario 64 on an N64 with an N64 controller? In VHS quality? My life is finally complete!Β πŸ₯°


All in all, as you can tell, this product is absolutely worthy of my highest recommendation, EIGHT THUMBS UP!!!Β πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I am sure I will be enjoying all my favourite games on the fantastic Tri-Star 64 for many years to come, thank you friends and good day to you. 🀣

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