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Is this an authentic sealed GBC Pokémon Pinball? See full description and photos.

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Is this an authentic sealed Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball game? There are 2 columns of vertical pin holes on the front (vertical along 'Game Boy Color' & vertical from 'Includes Rumble Feature' to 'Offical Nintendo Seal of Quality') and 2 columns of vertical pin holes on the back (vertical from 'Pokémon Pinball' to Serial Number & vertical from 2 game play screens). There is also a V-Seam connecting at the top-back and back-bottom. When feeling the plastic, there is NOT a loud dragging sound when running my fingers over.







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1 hour ago, Tanooki said:

I like it, seam seems seemingly. 😉  And those holes, frauds don't seem to do that, or if they do, not right.

Agreed. Vent holes are incredibly hard to replicate accurately. Looks legit to me. If you want to PM me and send some pics I can give you a more definitive answer. 

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