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KUBO 1&2 (NES edition... and now FAMICOM) Exclusive limited print (shipped)


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Hi everyone,

I wasn't sure if we should do it or not... but many people asked for it, so...

Here it is, the physical edition of KUBO 1&2 for NES is coming. The first two demos that Seiji created, on a single cartridge.
This edition will be manufactured and shipped by @Broke Studio who does incredible, quality and serious work.
(PAL/NTSC compatible. Instruction manual in English & French).

This KUBO 1&2 physical edition will be limited, only 50 copies will be made (if more than 50 people interested contact me in the next few days, maybe we'll make 75 instead of 50, but not more). After that, we will not make more of that one, we made it to thank all the owners of the KUBO 3 (who asked for it). 

The price will be  36 € (+ shipping costs).

Please, be aware it's only prototypes... demo projects. I think I already presented them in an old topic, but...
KUBO 1 is a topdown adventure level where you fight ennemis to get back the sacred crystal (only one level), made by Seiji in 2018 (he was almost 6yo) during our workshop sessions "Let's create a NES game".
KUBO 2 is a platformer game, going through 2 levels (a maze in the pyramids) until the end to bring the sacred crystal to the village. He created it for the NESmaker Byte Off 2019 competition.
And Seiji added a hidden extra level for that edition.

And a FAMICOM edition, complete in box : Presentation of the KUBO1&2 for FAMICOM 

The ROM files can be downloaded for free:
KUBO1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Rz20ZaKmSLqTVy0dp7_ZusHXY1P1uK8/
KUBO2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10IDiEKxZskyxb8bOa3Cg53fG2PRSwX4Y/

If you are interested by a copy, please contact me ❤️ 
If you know someone who bought KUBO3 and that would be interested, share this info with him/her
Thank you from SJ and I






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I replied by email to everyone this morning ("thank you" email informing you that I have added you to the pre-order list).
If you are interested by a copy and haven't received it, please, contact me again by private message or email: dalecoop(a)gmail(.)com. 

thank you, guys ❤️ 

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Some news about the physical edition of KUBO 1&2.

Following the request of several people (who bought the FAMICOM physical edition of KUBO3), we have decided to produce also a FAMICOM edition for KUBO 1&2.

This FAMICOM edition, complete in box, will contain a Japanese/English manual. The game will be in English (and probably Japanese).
Like the NES edition, this physical edition will be produced by Broke Studio.
The price should be around 35€ (+shipping costs) to be confirmed in the pre-order email.

Please let me know if you prefer a FAMICOM copy rather than NES.

I'll send you the information for the pre-order settlement (payment) this weekend, or early next week.

Seiji is very touched by all the messages we have received in the past few days.
Thank you all ❤️



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  • The title was changed to KUBO 1&2 (NES edition... and now FAMICOM) Exclusive limited print (preorders opened)
  • The title was changed to KUBO 1&2 (NES edition... and now FAMICOM) Exclusive limited print (preorders are open)
  • 1 month later...

Happy New Year, everyone!

We are in the process of contacting all interested people to validate the pre-orders, by email (if you haven't received any email from us, check your spam folder... search for "KUBO 1&2")... collecting the payments... while finalizing the tests before starting the production.

If you want to preorder the NES edition (CIB) or the FAMICOM one (CIB), do not hesitate to contact me, there are still some left.



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  • The title was changed to KUBO 1&2 (NES edition... and now FAMICOM) Exclusive limited print (shipped)


Almost everything has been shipped (there are I think 2 or 3 people we still have to ship, sorry to you guys).
Everyone else should have received their copy by now.

If you haven't received, or not been contacted, or forgot to validate your order... anything, question, contact me.


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