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Found a semi-large NES CIB collection on ebay

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ebay listing

34 games/24 CIBs. 10 day auction, 5 days remaining. Bids up to $3,000+ w/ 19 bidders. I would be cautious when pple claim there CIBs to be "Mint NM", given how these words are overly used there. Good luck to anyone involved.

Photo 2 - Wouldn't Mega Mans pose break his right ankle? I know this isn't real but ouch!


NES CIB ebay.jpg

Mega Man 2 nes cib.jpg

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1 hour ago, RH said:

It reminds me of this wonderful piece of art.


Not much to notice at a glance but wait! His left hand is turned forward, but the gun is turned side-ways.  What are you aimlessly shooting at, Chuck?!

Chuck Norris doesn't carry guns. Guns carry Chuck Norris for protection.

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