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California Raisins NES


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It's not terrible, but it could be far better.  I see why it never made the cut when compared to what Capcom actually did release.  Sadly, by the time they had space in their lineup to release it, the Raisins fad had long since blown over.  At that point, releasing it just didn't make financial sense anymore.

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1 hour ago, RH said:

I thought it wasn't finished? I know a proto surfaced maybe about 5 years ago and was "pretty complete" but still not a final build. No?

It's a little rough at points, but as far as structure goes it does feel complete. It gives you four level choices Silver Surfer style and then a final boss level. It doesn't look like they intended more, unless bonus levels were planned. The ending is just a single congrats screen, but whatever.

The game can be completed in like ten minutes (non-speed run) and the bosses are piss easy, but it feels just as complete as a few other released NES games, like Ninja Crusaders (another insanely quick NES game.)

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