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Any NES experts out there that can identify repro labels (or not)?


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More & higher res pics here: https://imgur.com/a/YKYXSiW

I just received this copy of Metal Storm and am looking for opinions on if the label is legit. It is practically perfect and also glossy. There is slight lifting around the edges in various places. Where the label wraps over the top of the cart it is lifted a bit like perhaps it wasn't wrapped tightly.

It's just so near-perfect and glossy that it is suspect to me. Fake or not?

The game board itself checks out as legit. 



Thanks in advance

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The label itself looks fine.  Color is right, cuts are right.  The lifting on the edge is normal, as is that bubble near the top of the cart.  I've seen it on all sorts of carts.  If anything would concern me, it's that it looks almost TOO nice.  But everything else checks out, so I'd say you have yourself a really nice, 100% legit label.  Although if you're really concerned, take a look at the board...if that checks out, then I wouldn't sweat it.  Nice snag.

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