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Enemy names that you made up as kids


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I've heard the story (I don't personally remember it though) of my father getting angry at my brother and I for "speaking gibberish", as we'd discuss such Nintendo items as koopas and goombas, in the back of the car on long rides. Later he was shocked when he realised we weren't just making these names up.

Growing up with the NES though, sometimes it was hard to actually know what some of the enemies were supposed to be. Or maybe they had names in the manuals, yet they were weird, hard-to-pronounce Japanese words. And then what our father got upset with us for doing did occasionally become a reality: we gave some of the enemies our own names.

Later I'll post some of the enemy names my brother and I coined as kids, hopefully with images as well. I think it'll be fun to see some of the other funny names people here might have used, even better if there's commentary as to how the names were derived.

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7 minutes ago, croagunk said:

Kind of different since it gives you the option to name them, but when I was younger playing Pokémon games I would insist on naming my rival Booger.

Haha, that was the nickname we used for our grandfather 🙂

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My two older brothers and I settled on these names. I don’t know who concluded that these were the names but they ended up sticking

Hot Dog

Monkey business


Poop nugget 




Mother Brain



Weener monster


Helmet guy


Also helmet guy (we thought these were the same guy)



Arnold Schwarzenegger 


Abobos brother


Casey Jones




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I remember Toad being called Turd.  Why?  Because he kind of was when you think of all that effort you put into a game like Super Mario Bros, to then have him mock your near death experience against koopa to be a fake and she's hiding out in another castle, to have him do it again, and again.

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