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Anyone down for a weekly game??


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So. Let's play a game! 

1. Think of a game
2. Read the title and pretend you're talking to someone and connect the title to something just crazy off base.

I'll start!

Example 1!

Golden sun on the Gameboy advance? Yeah I've played that a few times, so the sun from Mario 3 is who you play as and you can either stick to your angry ways and speed up global warming, or make choices that eventually stop it so you don't burn so hard giving the polar ice caps a chance to freeze back up. 

Example 2!

Conkers bad fur day? It's based off  a very pretty girl named lilly who just can't catch a break and her hair keeps getting messed up, game mechanics include wind, a cameo from the yellow angry bird from angry birds who unfortunately flew over lilly while nature was calling and a missing hairbrush and the shortage of being able to buy another one due to a ship or something blocking a major Port channel that has made hairbrushes near impossible to find. Basically, The synopsis is to help Lily Conker fix her hair from various things that keep unfortunately happening so that she looks good for her senior pictures done that same day (being the last day they can be submitted before you get your stock photo from your yearbook)  . There are 17 endings depending on  the choices you make.


Example 3! Mario 64 is a little different then what you are used to playing. Essentially, Mario gained enough coins to retire early at the age of 64 instead of 65. Your job is to keep Mario from having his super bar going down to 0, resulting in Mario not bothering to play tennis, drive go karts, or host any friendly parties with his friends and sometimes enemies.  Basically make Mario not regret retiring and to feel  "Super" about his choice to finally hang up that hat and overalls of his. 

Now, someone outdo me and win the thread. Most likes or reactions in a week will win for that week and i will keep track of each weeks winner in and forever memorialize your crazy, absurd, and possibly satist  win by being in the first post. Do your best and keep it clean, ridiculous, but clean. 


July 9th- July 16th 2021 winner:  

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