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What game is this?

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I remember playing my gameboy almost every day when i was younger (back in the early 2000's). One game that I remember really enjoying was a racing game (I'm fairly certain it was a futuristic one, like wipeout) where, when you crashed your vehicle, sad, violin music would begin to play, and you'd be forced to restart. If anyone knows what game I'm refering to, please let me know what it's called. I've done the best I can to find it myself, but, as you might've guessed, have failed. All help is appreciated; thanks in advance.

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14 minutes ago, Gloves said:

Do you happen to recall what view it had? Like, could you see your vehicle? If so, was it a ship? 

I remember the camera being a bit behind the vehicle and raised slightly higher as well. Pretty much like all 3rd person racing games (at least ones that I've played). The vehicles weren't ships, they were similar to the vehicles in wipeout, hovering like them too

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3 minutes ago, Gloves said:

Mmmm I'm coming up blank, sorry. Dead Heat Scramble maybe, if your memory is mistaking a thing or two.

Maybe; I don't exactly have the best of memories. I do feel like most of what i remember is real though, especially the violin music. I'll check out the game you mentioned and let you know if that's it. Thanks for the help, though

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