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Anyone into VR? We just released a short and surreal PCVR experience for free.


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Hi! I hope it's ok to post about this here. For the past year or so I've worked together with my brother and our friend on our first indie game project, called DunDun VR. We've been learning VR gamedev at the same time. We just released the game a couple of hours ago and if anyone wants to check out DunDun VR, you can get it on Steam for free:  https://store.steampowered.com/app/1695870/DunDun_VR/

Our main target audience are people new to VR, but hopefully it's fun for more experienced players as well. If you try it out and have time to leave an honest review, that'd be much appreciated! Thanks and I hope you enjoy DunDun VR! 😁🙏






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