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Things you didn't know existed that suddenly became obsessions/white whales/etc.

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I'm not sure how else to post about this, just that I found out the other day that this exists, and I am amazed. All these years I never thought there was an official white game gear, and yet here it is, as an item only given away as gifts to people who worked with Sega.

I also appreciate how, for the Aleste GG Micro, they used the same exact color scheme, white with sea green buttons.

It's a tragically yellow-prone set, but I'll post the auction where I discovered it anyway. I swear, this thing will swim in the deep crevices of my brain for a long time.


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On 7/10/2021 at 2:00 AM, 8bitsupremacy said:

The stupid Mah Jong NES cart.

it's okay, most people would never go for that.....
even us Europeans DON'T count that one as part of the set,
even though there are a few people who might want it.

for me, when i started in 2012, i NEEDED to have a complete copy of Stadium Events (PAL version) , because it felt like a great show off piece to have, and has some fun history behind it.

my other obsession was to have a complete PAL B copy of Monster in My Pocket, as i found it a nice challenge to try and get the plastic monster for it that came in the box when you bought that game.
i don't know what it's at now, but just the loose monster alone cost like 90-120 US dollars back in 2013? ish........

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The NTSC version of FIFA 13 on the PS2 was unverified/unconfirmed for the longest time. I had a bounty on one for over a year until one finally turned up to complete the PS2 set. Even now that it's better known and the flood gates opened up down in Mexico for a while, I think I've still only seen less than 10 legit copies pop up. 

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