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  1. The CD release is actually the rarest. 5.25" comes after that, and then of course the 3.5" is the most common. Of course any v1.1 Doom disks are great finds, but a CD almost never turns up.
  2. The back of a 1.1 manual is black. In 1.2 and all other versions, the back is red. That makes it tough to frasnkenstein a 1.1 complete copy. As far as I know, all boxes are identical.
  3. The long con is over and Deniz won. Remember those sappy posts on NintendoAge about how collecting games gave him purpose in life, filled holes in his heart, taught him how to love, blah blah blah, etc.? Hilarious.
  4. As to the value of the 5.25" floppies, I really don't know, but without the v1.1 box and manual they are worth significantly less.
  5. That looks complete to me, but yeah the price is nuts! I guess my 1.1 complete copy is worth more than I thought
  6. Do you know if they have just been trying to recruit graders or if they have also consulted with experts (well established collectors) to get information on grading and identifying fakes?
  7. That's really cool. I wouldn't be surprised if someone pulls the trigger now that you've brought attention to it.
  8. Sweet, thanks for remembering! I want both lots! I'll PM you
  9. That's a complicated question, because if I'm getting a 50% discount on a game, I would always buy it since I could turn around and sell it for a profit (either right away, or probably down the line assuming prices don't crash). It looks like Hexyz Force sells for around $300, so I would buy it for $150. But if its market value was $150, I wouldn't pay that amount for it.
  10. There are a lot of games from the PS2 or PSP that I had on my want list only to see prices go up quickly and drastically. The ones that come to mind are: Eternal Poison Xenosaga I have wanted all 3, but the price on III is the one that really stings Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Hexyz Force Kenka Bancho
  11. Oops on L'Empereur. I will check to see if I have that reg card tonight. I have some other KOEI games boxed with manual - if the reg card is the same, I may have it. I didn't open any of these games except Master Hu and the Drunkard Chu (shrinkwrap had a big tear so I went ahead and opened it) I'll add a warning sheet to Duck Tales and send another pic tonight.
  12. I'll have to check when I get home tonight. I probably made a mistake when I glanced at it. I'll send a pic.
  13. I must have missed that from The Wiz's list. Feel free to remove that one. With that being said, since everything on that list came from a sealed opening, as long as the contents match, there should not be any problem. In this case, it was just my fault for not noticing the discrepancy.
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