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Piss the Fish (Famicom) (Review)


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In the arts, one sometimes stumbles across a piece that just leaves a person stunned. Maybe it's a painting or drawing style that initially seems simple, yet it turns out to be oddly complex. Or that song with the simple baseline partway through, which just elevates the whole track to a new level. Under further examination there's just so many layers to analyse, so much up for discussion, and that is how I feel about the brilliant, yet simple "Piss the Fish" game.

Before we even open up the box we realise that the game will be something of an oddity. It's housed inside a typical Chinese takeaway box, "sealed" with a rubber band. A pair of chopsticks completes the look, making it indistinguishable from a real food box.

Some hand-drawn art of dubious quality is affixed to the bottom of the game's box, as well as the insides. One of the art pieces shows the proper control schemes, and there are also two additional art cards, which attempt to mimic scenes from the game. 

As the game loads up, we are greeted by a woman, Mimi, who has a floating cock near her head. The words "Piss the Fish" are hastily scribbled there as well. If we choose to check out the credits, we can see a wide array of unique enemy fish characters including a Boob Fish, a Cum Fish, and a Penis Fish. Let's take a look at the game itself though, shall we?

Piss the Fish offers three modes of play, two partners modes and a solo mode. On the partner modes, two players each use a controller. As per the control instructions, the controllers are to be held vertically, instead of in the classic horizontal position, with the first player in charge of the hero's movement, and the second player in charge of attacking. The solo mode uses the same control schemes, but maps it onto one controller.

After choosing a gameplay mode, the ridiculous plot begins. Essentially, you control Mimi, a woman who wields her male partner's penis in order to take part in some sort of Cockmaster Olympic Games, against a slimey frog named Mikey. The objective: shoot at the fish to become a Cockmaster champion.

From there, the game begins. The player travels through a variety of different themes, from coastline resorts and coffee shops to temples and outer space, before getting the results of the competition match. 

While the characters in the game are a bit more detailed, the stage backgrounds are much more simplified. I love the look of the graphics though, and I think they serve their purpose quite well.

Overall, this is one of the funniest games I've ever seen on the machine. Everything about it is ridiculous, from the packaging to the plot, enemies, etc. If you're looking for a AAA title or are easily offended, this one might not be for you, but if you just want a funny and easily accessible party game to play with guests, this could be it. So let's Piss the Fish!














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1 hour ago, OptOut said:

You can tell this game was programmed in Taiwan... Whoever programmed it obviously doesn't have a good idea of what a healthy male penis should look like...  😏 🍆 😜

Well what did studies show? Nine out of ten local girls here prefer white dicks to Asian ones? I always thought it was a size thing, maybe it's a health thing too? 😛😄

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On 6/16/2021 at 3:20 PM, Scrobins said:

Haha gotta love it’s bold gameplay choices!

How big of a run is this getting/did it get? Like the other homebrews you find in Taiwan from ITG, I would definitely be interested in this.

You can find physical cart online... for example here for 2.000$

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10 hours ago, erac said:

"Seller: fcgamer" lol, after such a glowing review didn't think you'd part with it. 2k taiwan dollars seems to be ~72 usd, fairly high.

Well I only get rid of my duplicates, or items I can get more of.

I put it up there mainly to give Korean / Japanese collectors an opportunity at getting this one. As the game was only being sold (to my knowledge) at some local nostalgia art fairs, it's not really accessible to people otherwise. I feel frustrated sometimes trying to collect some of the Japanese homebrews, so I reckon people likely might feel the same about accessing homebrews from other regions too, and I've built up a lot of guangxi over the years from this, allowing me to then get help collecting games from other regions.

Anyways, ordered a few of these from one of the local guys I know, should be here tomorrow, anyone else whose interested can message me. Iirc the cost is $60, 2000元 on the site above, but the US dollar is extremely weak right now.

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