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FS/FO: Limited Switch Games, Japanese N64 and Saturn games, Assorted other games


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Hello.  Looking to get rid of a few things.  I think my prices are pretty good, but if something seems off, let me know.  I'm more flexible on pricing if you're interested in buying a bunch of stuff.  I only accept money orders as payment (postal preferred).  No Paypal.  Prices don't include shipping.  $15 minimum (before shipping).

Ape Out Special Reserve Version w. Steelbook $53
Carrion limited version (sealed) $40
Gris limited version (sealed) $40
Monster Boy (sealed) $75
Razion EX Limited Edition (sealed, but there is a tear in the plastic) Offers?
Super Mario 3D All Stars (damaged case) $30



Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Free with purchase
Daigasso Band Brothers box set (box and insert only, no game or headphones) $5
Dragon Quest V (sealed) Offers?
Fizz (European exclusive) $10


Japanese Nintendo 64 games $40 for the lot
64 Ouzumo
Custom Robo 64
Dual Heroes
Goemon's Great Adventure
Jikkyou J League Perfect Striker
Choukuukan Night: Pro Yakyuu King
Shiren the Wanderer 2 - hard to see in the picture, but the front is a bit yellowed
Snowboard Kids
Wave Race 64


Other Nintendo stuff:
Golgo Famicom (with box and manual) $10
EZ Flash IV for GBA $27
Donkey Konga 2 Hit Song Parade Japanese Gamecube $5
Shakedown Hawaii Special Edition Wii U (sealed) $60
Final Fantasy Legend II GB SOLD
Final Fantasy Legend III GB SOLD
TMNT III Radical Recue GB (I think I have the manual somewhere) Offers?
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Japanese GB $6
Monster Brain GB Offers?
Authentic Pokemon Fire Red GBA, works but finicky $30
Mario's Tennis Virtual boy (cart only, not pictured) $10
Pro Action Replay SNES $25
Game Boy Multicart $10
Famicom Multicart $10
Gamemaster Book $2


Japanese Sega Saturn CIB console $90
3D Mission Shooting Finalist $10
After Burner II $30
Fighters Megamix $3
Gradius Deluxe Pack (poor condition, only Gradius works) $15
Layer Section $30
Metal Black $80
Phantasm SOLD
Saturn Bomberman Online Version $25
Slayers Royal $3
Sonic Jam $35
Tetris S $10
Virtual Fighter Remix $4
Virtua Racing $20


Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 $50 for both
Sonic Adventure (no disc, case and manual only) $15
Rez Japanese $55
WWF Royal Rumble $7


Sega Master System:
After Burner CIB (90's version) $15
Dick Tracy CIB (US version) Offers?
Out Run 3D (cart only) Offers?


Other Sega stuff:
Xbox Shenmue 2 $3
Genesis Magic Warrior repro $10
Game Gear Carry Case $3


Sony stuff:
PS2 Yakuza (disc only) $12
PS3 Star Wars Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition (Steelbook) $35
PS3 50 Cent Blood on the Sand Japanese (has English option) $10
PS3 Vanquish Japanese (has english option) $3
PS4 Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 $5
PS4 Skylanders Imaginators $15
PSP NHL 07 $7
PS1 Tear Ring Saga Japanese $10
PlayStation Code Card $3


Atari 2600 games $12 for the lot:
Defender (with box and manual)
Missile Command (with box and manual)
Frogger (box and manual only)
Space Invaders (box and manual only)


Terrible Capcom Cartoons (maybe you'll like them?) $5 for both
Darkstalkers Out of the Shadows DVD box set
Street Fighter Soul Powers DVD box set


Mortal Kombat guides $4 for both



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  • Red changed the title to Price dropped - lot of 13 PS2 games for $10 plus shipping - GTA San Andreas, Vice City, Mercenaries 2, SmackDown Vs Raw 2006, Guitar Hero 1 & 3, ATV Offroad Fury 3 & 4, Socom 3
  • Red changed the title to FS: Lot of 9 Japanese N64 games and lot of 6 Super Famicom games (Goemon 1, 2, 3, Great Adventure, FFV, Custom Robo, Shiren the Wanderer, Snowboard Kids, Wave Race)
  • Red changed the title to FS: PS4 game lots (Imaginators Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 SW Battlefront Destiny Sports games), 9 Japanese N64 games, Super Famicom games, PSP lot (NHL 07 Bloodlines Dead Man's Chest), Terrible Capcom DVDs (Darkstalkers Street Fighter)
  • Red changed the title to FS: 10 PS4 games for $25, 9 Japanese N64 games for $40, 6 SFC games (including Goemon 1, 2, & 3) for $22, Authentic (but finicky) Pokemon Fire Red for $30, Sega Genesis & SNES Game Secrets books lot for $20
  • Red changed the title to FS: 9 Japanese N64 games for $40, 6 SFC games (including Goemon 1, 2, & 3) for $22, Terrible Capcom DVD lot $5, Authentic (but finicky) Pokemon Fire Red for $30, Sega Genesis & SNES Game Secrets books lot for $20
  • Red changed the title to FO: DC Crazy Taxi 1 & 2, Super Mario 3D All-Stars Switch, GB/GBC/DS carrying cases, Japanese N64 and SFC games, Finicky Authentic Pokemon Fire Red, PS4 Skylanders Imaginators & Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, Super Star Wars Guide, miscellaneous items
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Added a few more items.

I already answered the question above about Pokemon Fire Red via PM, but is anyone else was curious, The game sometimes won't start up or it will give an error message and won't let you load the saved data.  This doesn't always happen though.  Sometimes it starts up just fine and you can play the game and load/save the data.  I've never seen the data completely disappear, so if it doesn't load up or you get the error, that doesn't mean the save was deleted.  Removing and reinserting the game and restarting the system tends to get it back.

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  • Red changed the title to FO: XL Luigi's Mansion display box and other things
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On 7/31/2021 at 11:04 PM, gamefan621 said:

Hello do your items come from a non smoking home?  Also I am wondering do you have any video game standees?  I am looking for the large stand up floor displays that advertise the games.  Feel free to send me any photos

Non smoking home, but I'm not the original owner of this stuff, so I can't guarantee they've never been in a smoking home.  If I notice a smoke smell on anything you want, I could let you know.

I don't have any standees.  I may be selling a couple more display boxes at some point, but I'm just looking to sell the Luigi's Mansion one for now.

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  • Red changed the title to FS: Japanese Sega Saturn CIB Console & games, Ape Out SRG w. Steelbook, other stuff FO: XL Luigi's Mansion display box and Coverless VB manuals (including Jack Bros)
  • Red changed the title to FS: Switch Ape Out Monster Boy Mario 3D All Stars, Boxed Atari 2600 lot, Dreamcast Rez, Japanese Sega Saturn CIB Console & games FO: Sealed Dragon Quest V DS, other stuff
  • Red changed the title to FS/FO: Limited Switch Games, Japanese N64 and Saturn games, Assorted other games

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