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I'm not a fan of graffiti lettering because I can't ever read it but graffiti as an artwork style is really awesome

Edit: I'm actually trying to find a tattoo artist for a concept of a Legend of Zelda half sleeve in the art style of into the spider verse

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When done artistically on a surface someone wants it from a canvas to walls I'm usually impressed and like it, if the person has really good artistic skill.  When you get ghetto lettering that's annoying, or when some douche just does it to tag stuff all over something like they own it, it's disgusting if you're talented or usually not in those cases.

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I have no issue with it when it's done legally.  I actually enjoy the look of it most of the time (again, when it's legal).  I just have no patience for one person destroying another person's property.

St. Louis has a long flood wall along the Mississippi, just south of the city, and my understanding is that they do not enforce any type of graffiti laws or regulations on the wall, and anyone can paint on it as they wish.  I think it's a good idea to encourage it in some places since it gives some people an outlet to use.  

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