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Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends Kickstarter (Metroidvania -> 10K to go with 4 days left.)

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Just thought I'd post this here. Little Nemo on the NES is definitely one of my favorite NES games, and remaking the game with the original art style and making it what appears to be a metroidvania-like game is a solid idea. It's almost all there way there and I don't think it's gotten much attention. I hope it at least hits it's minimum funding goal!

What do you guys think about a giant flaming potato being in the game?

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I saw that the other day, they were trying to pop up some awareness on other sites.  They're really pushing for too far out of a date combined with no real award for your cash without dropping at least a $100.  I'd love to play it, but that's just asking too much in both cases.

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Graphics Team · Posted

Wow - I'd love to do animation work on a Little Nemo project one day. I'm a big fan of Winsor McCay's original comic as well as the TMS film adaptation. I'm a bit lukewarm on the NES game, though - the visuals and music are fantastic, but I generally don't like collect-a-thon gameplay.

Props to these guys for making a slick-looking game, though.


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