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I've Made it to the Other Side!

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I have successfully made it to the other side. 

I used to be Baddieboy Holden on NintendoAge. I got a bit sick of that username, so I wanted to change it. I briefly changed my username to this on NA a few years ago for about a month then decided against it. Now is a good time to use a newer name that I prefer now. Plus I have to be vocal about being probably the only one here from New Zealand! 

I haven't been on NintendoAge actively for Age-s, but I will most definitely try (keyword try) to be active on here. The community already seems to have rallied in the most incredible way, which is great to see. I was screen recording going through my old threads, and managed to record the exact moment NA went from being up to the GC redirect error. 

I used to love reading the really old NA threads (as in within first year of that site going live) and seeing the people that got it off the ground. Always wished I was able to be one of the first members on a forum, and here we are. -Disregarding the fact that I'm probably one of the last semi-active NA posters to have migrated over. 

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