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What are your favorite video game tracks that have been remade by fans?


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I love video games soundtracks and while I work I listen to a lot of music.  Every day, one or two of the albums or playlists will inevitably include video game music.  When I first started down this path of enjoying this type of music, I was a purist and preferred OG game tracks, however, after getting a few recommendations for fan remakes and tribute albums, I started listening to them and, yeah, some of these are amazing!  Below are a couple of my favorite, although this is not an exhaustive list.

So, what are some of your favorite video game tunes that have been made by fans?

XenoGears - Bonds of Sea and Fire [Cover] - Hashel

There is a lot of good stuff on Hashel's channel on YouTube, but I just wanted to pick one.  Most of it is pretty chill, buy since he's a guitarist, he does jam a little on some tunes.



Batman NES (1989) Streets Of Desolation Stage 1 cover - Bijoy Keisham 

There are a TON of covers of Streets of Desolation, and picking one should have seemed inevitable.  This is the first stage track from the NES Batman.  IMHO, it's the bet NES tune ever created (and that's not up for debate. Haha)  Anyway, this is one of my more favorite covers of the song.  If you are into this type of thing and have never looked into it, search YouTube for "Streets of Desolation" and check out some of the remakes.  Many are quite good.


Green Hill Zone Theme - Mitch Murder

Man, I love some Mitch Murder.  This tune feels more like a modern, straight, synth recreation but I still like it. Very listenable and has a few, nice original moments.


SAMUS ARAN | Magnatron III | - ALEX

Just a wonderful, chill rendition of Samus Aran's theme.  I want a whole album like this!



Ok guys, so what are your picks and recommendations!  There are a TON more out there and I could easily pick another 5... 10 maybe 20 excellent remakes of classic game tunes.

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18 hours ago, Kguillemette said:

This one has always stood out to me.


Funny! I was gonna post the same song, but a different remix.

It's how the kids would say..."is a banger" (Not really, it's got solid weather channel vibes though!)




Also this Lo-Fi remix of the "Fairy Fountain" song from The Legend of Zelda really gets me in the mood to do my archival crap.







Kraid's Lair by "FamilyJules" (or anything by that dude) is AMAZING and as always he has excellent 10/10 cinematography to go along with it.






Speaking of Fairy Fountain & FamilyJules....




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