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Trophy (NES Homebrew) is out now on cartridge and digitally.


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Trophy, the brand-new NES homebrew platformer by Gradual Games, with publishing by The 6502 Collective, is available now!

This love letter to Mega Man harkens back to the glory days of the NES featuring...

- Nine levels of intense, platforming action
- Diverse environments and terrain
- Large, fully-scrolling levels
- Hidden areas and power-ups
- Cut-scene narrative segments
- Password system
- Nine GIANT bosses

GET NES CARTRIDGES HERE ===>https://6502collective.com/store/p_1239926/trophy-
GET THE DIGITAL VERSION HERE ===>https://the6502collective.itch.io/trophy

Thanks for your support! #8BitLegit

Trophy (SGP Rev C)-11.png

Trophy (SGP Rev C)-21.png

Trophy (SGP Rev C)-75.png

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