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Daft Punk | 1993-2021


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Didn't see anyone else post about this, so I figured I'd do it myself. Apologies if someone had already posted, and I just missed it.

Daft Punk, the musical duo who needs no introduction and who've literally been around for longer than I've been on this planet, recently announced via a video titled Epilogue that they'll be splitting up, and that Daft Punk is ending.


Kind of a strange feeling waking up to this news, they've always been kind of... omnipresent throughout my life. I'd always hear their music literally everywhere, and I'd always enjoy it when I did hear it.

Kind of a shame they couldn't have gone out on one final album (and a shame they couldn't have made it just a couple more years to make it to their 30th anniversary) but perhaps they felt they had peaked with Random Access Memories, their last album, and either way I obviously totally respect their decision to call it quits now. They had such a massive influence on the entire industry that can't be understated, kind of sad to see them go. I do wonder if they'll continue to do music in any capacity, either together or separately, or if they're fully retiring now.

Either way, here's to one of the most influential musical acts of the last few decades, and to whatever else these fellas decide to do in the future, if anything. 馃


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Events TeamPosted
8 minutes ago, Shmup said:

This hurt more haha.

Sad they couldn鈥檛 make it for one last album. Can we see their faces now?

Personally, I like that we never did get to see their faces. Honestly it's impressive people that insanely successful managed to conceal them for such a long period of time, they deserve huge props for that.

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