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I need help (with a screen replacement on a GBA)

The Hero

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Game boy advance is really easy to work on. You do need a tri wing though. I order parts from handheld legend or retro modding. If you play a lot of GBA consider the IPS screen mod it’s really awesome. Gotta remove some plastic for that or order a precut case. 

edit: rechargeable battery mod as well

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There are custom screen lenses being made now, https://bluishsquirrel.co.uk/ was one of the first out. If you didn't need it to be castlevania themed you can find cheap lenses from aliexpress or ebay. Search "gba lens"

Edit: maybe I read the op wrong? Idk if it really is the screen and not the lens it's probably either a replacement ips panel or the 101 screen.

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  • The title was changed to I need help (with a screen replacement on a GBA)

Are you talking about the exterior plastic lens, or the actual screen since you said screen?


The lens, if you need it to say that, good luck, go digging as that's custom.  Personally I'd suggest ignoring crappy plastic and just paying $5 for a 1:1 looking quality tempered glass one.  If you manage to bust that, the system is surely dead too given the force required.

If the actual screen is dead, you're better off.  Pay around $50-60 and get a combination new IPS bright and poppy mobile phone like LCD in there along with a conversion cable that slots right into the ribbon plug on the GBA motherboard.  All you'll need though beyond that, some snips as a few pieces of plastic will need sheering off on the inside so the new panel fits.  And of course a triwing to crack it open.

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