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The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker USA cover but JPN produced disc?


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Hello everyone, I just created an account to ask anyone here on this forum if they knew anything about an English Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker disc that has laser etched codes and writing showing that it is produced in Japan instead of the US.  I currently have one but I cannot find anything about this particular one I have.  The only ones I see on the web are USA produced and have the correct gold top on the disc.  To put it simply, the disc in question has a gold top showing DL-DOL-GZLE-USA, but the back of this disc has this laser etched writing Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): 203B2608 DOL-GZLE-0-00 JPN S0, Mastering SID Code: IFPI LL37, Mould SID Code: IFPI HH57, and Additional Mould Text: MADE IN JAPAN.

I had a difficult time getting the game to boot up but eventually I was able to play it, and it was in English.

I already made a post on the Gamecube Reddit community with no luck as to what variant this disc could be.  Not sure if this is just some weird variant, or maybe an extremely limited run of English produced discs from Japan?  But this is why I'm hoping some collectors here know anything about this disc.


UPDATE: Just recently discovered a new Ebay listing that actually has this JPN disc in a Player's Choice Best Seller game case.  I've looked at all other listings but could not find it.  I'm starting to think that this may just be a very limited run for English JPN produced discs.



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Welcome to the forums!

Looking at my Zelda variants thread, there are two standard (non-Player's Choice) WW variants. One was made in the USA and the other was made in Japan. A much better way to telling, is by looking for the "Made in" text on the back of the box instead of the disc molding codes. I vaguely remember it being a bit uncommon, so I looked up the first 20 ebay auctions with a picture of the back of the box and 2 of them where Made in Japan (example 1, example 2). So, it is relatively uncommon, but considering how widely this game was produced, it would be far from rare.

As far as Player's Choice variants there are three. One Made in Japan, and two Made in USA.

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