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Garage Sale Guidelines


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For now anything being sold in here should fall into one of these categories. If unsure, ask a mod. No selling illegal stuff. Follow the same guidelines as EBAY.

Prohibited: https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/prohibited-restricted-items/prohibited-restricted-items?id=4207

Same standard buying/selling rules as video games:

One thread per member in here please. Please tag your posts with what your selling.



  • Electronics
  • Comic Books
  • Sports Cards and Collectibles
  • Toys, Board Games & Action Figures
  • Media (movies & Music)
  • Coins, Currency & Stamps
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3 hours ago, arch_8ngel said:

Cool.  Glad to see the Garage Sale become a regular thing and not a time-limited "event".

Agreed.  I would recommend though, everyone gets a single BUY/SELL thread per person, if they are both in the same thread.

Oh, and tag your want/buy post with (comics) (cards) (electronics), etc.

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