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Selling Guidelines and Rule Updates


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Selling Guidelines and Rule Updates

The full general Commerce rules are detailed on our site rules page, here: https://www.videogamesage.com/site-rules/.

See below for some reminders and guidelines:

  • PayPal Payments
    • When selling on VGS and accepting PayPal, you must adhere to the PayPal Terms of Service
    • You cannot require buyers to pay via 'gift' / 'friends and family'
    • You cannot charge a premium for a buyer to cover Paypal Fees.  This includes offering a discount for 'gift' payments.
    • You cannot charge different prices for normal payments vs. gift / friends and family payments
    • If you have any other questions about what is allowed or not, regarding PayPal fees or payments, please review the main site rules and the PayPal Terms of Service.  If you still have questions, please contact a moderator
  • Crypto
    • Be aware that requesting and offering crypto is "fine", but is entirely at your own risk
    • Similar to PayPal F&F, there are zero protections for the buyer with regard to crypto


Updated:  07/13/2022


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