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2013 E3 The Nintendo Experience Only at Best Buy - Kiosk Topper Wii U - For offer


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The Nintendo Experience Wii U Kiosk Topper:
I may have the only one that has not been destroyed. That is only because I had a friend that worked at Best Buy tell them they were taking it out to the dumpster but instead gave it to me.
This is from the 2013 E3 Event that was held at 89 Best Buy stores in the USA and 21 Best Buy stores in Canada.
The Event is known as The Nintendo Experience - Only at Best Buy!
The idea behind it was to bring E3 to the masses. Long lines formed at the stores that held this event.
This sign stood on top of the Kiosk they used at the event!

There are many news articles out there as well as YouTube videos from this event. The display I am selling can be seen in the videos and News Articles. I can't even begin to imagine what this might be worth. Any help figuring out a price would be great!  I am taking offers on this.
If anyone can prove me wrong and there is another one of these that survived please let me know.

Website with information about the event along with lots of photos of this display being used at an event along with some of the famous people that attended the event.

YouTube Video showing the display:

Photos of the Display I am selling:
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