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  1. Wanted - Any Nintendo Pinbacks that were given out to employees at stores to promote games View Advert I'm looking to buy any Nintendo Pinbacks that were given out to store employees to wear to help promote games and or systems. Advertiser snesmaster Date 07/15/2021 Price Category WTB  
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    I'm looking to buy any Nintendo Pinbacks that were given out to store employees to wear to help promote games and or systems.


  3. Here is one from the Wii Summer Games 2010 competition given out to all competitors. You can add the picture to your list from this link to one for sale on e-bay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294245957044 Sorry, just after I posted this I saw this is for Super Nintendo only, not just Nintendo related.
  4. Yes, I have started mapping out that game. You can find the maps for DKC here: https://www.snesmaps.com/maps/DonkeyKongCountry/DonkeyKongCountry.html
  5. Make sure you order before December 5th to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas. I have made over 100 posters of various Screen Shot Maps from both NES and SNES games. Check them out at: https://shop.nesmaps.com/
  6. Sold FS Virtual Boy Sealed Case of 48 Virtual League Baseball NIB from: The buyer (Ferris Bueller) sent prompt payment and has communicated well.
  7. If anyone wants me to open up this case and sell the individual sealed cases of 6 sealed games each let me know.
  8. Virtual League Baseball Case Lot Factory Sealed NIB 48pc (8 sealed boxes of 6 sealed games each) Extremely rare sealed case of 48 VIRTUAL LEAGUE BASEBALL games in 8 separate sealed boxes each contains 6 sealed games. The boxes of 6 games have sold for as much as $250.00 on e-bay and you are getting 8 of those boxes sealed in this case! This game is made by Kemco. This will be shipped inside another box to keep it safe during shipping. Asking $1200, willing to go down on the price a little if no offers for the full $1200 come in. I have great feedback on E-Bay, as well as the Old Nintendo Age.
  9. The Nintendo Experience Wii U Kiosk Topper: I may have the only one that has not been destroyed. That is only because I had a friend that worked at Best Buy tell them they were taking it out to the dumpster but instead gave it to me. This is from the 2013 E3 Event that was held at 89 Best Buy stores in the USA and 21 Best Buy stores in Canada. The Event is known as The Nintendo Experience - Only at Best Buy! The idea behind it was to bring E3 to the masses. Long lines formed at the stores that held this event. This sign stood on top of the Kiosk they used at the event! There are many news articles out there as well as YouTube videos from this event. The display I am selling can be seen in the videos and News Articles. I can't even begin to imagine what this might be worth. Any help figuring out a price would be great! I am taking offers on this. If anyone can prove me wrong and there is another one of these that survived please let me know. Website with information about the event along with lots of photos of this display being used at an event along with some of the famous people that attended the event. https://www.marios-hat.com/2013/06/the-best-buy-nintendo-e3-experience-in-pictures/ YouTube Video showing the display: Photos of the Display I am selling:
  10. **SOLD** I got this back in 1997 when I worked in Electronics at Ames Department Store in Upstate, NY. It is still in the original plastic and has never been opened or set up before. Does anyone have any information on this? I can't find anything at all on the internet. Thank you for any help!
  11. When I was setting up my profile, I saw there was an option to have a store, and give it a name. However I don't see how to do anything else other then set a name for it. Is there a way to have a store on this site, and put items in there you are selling? If so how do you get to the page to set that up? Thanks for any tips.
  12. Yep, that is me. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying them. If anyone else wants to check out my maps you can find NES ones here: https://www.nesmaps.com/ and SNES ones here: https://www.snesmaps.com/
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