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Found 5 results

  1. EDIT: See my post below for pictures of the finished restoration! ----------------- I just added this beautiful Sega Genesis store kiosk to my collection! This style is known as the "Sports" variant, and typically comes with a white "Sega Sports" poster as the front artwork. From what I've seen, they don't usually come with the DS-16 cartridge switcher, so it's possible this unit was custom ordered or modified sometime later (DS-16's were supposedly made available for sale to retailers to upgrade their already-owned kiosks). Picked this beauty up off craigslist just a week ago and it's in good shape all things considered, surprisingly-so given the conditions it's been kept in. The seller unfortunately wasn't a collector or enthusiast; he only picked it up from a video store that had gone out of business 20-odd years ago as a toy for his children, and after they grew up and moved out it spent the next few years languishing in an outdoor storage shed. Now I'm working to restore it! It definitely needs some love, but the essentials are in good condition. When I went to get it, it was absolutely covered in caked-on dust and grime, the "Sonic" art was stained and water damaged, the "Sega" marque was yellowed from the sun, and the controller mount was nowhere to be found. But despite all that, the plastic and paint don't have any notable cracks, scratches, or other damage (other than very light wear -- it must not have been a popular video store ). Amazingly, and probably unbeknownst to the seller, tucked behind the displayed "Sonic" artwork was the original "Sega Sports" art, and it's in mint condition! The missing controller mount will be the toughest piece to restore; but fortunately there's a kiosk at a retro game store somewhat nearby that I can visit to model my replacement off of. I've made some paper models of how the original mount wraps around the controller, and I'm going to try to cut the shape from a steel plate. As for the rest of the electronics..., the only piece worth keeping is the DS-16 (and begrudgingly the case light, as it's riveted in place). The switcher didn't work at first, which was disheartening, but it saved me a hundred off the list price. I was eventually able to repair it after noticing the flex in the expansion port's connector, it just needed a solder reflow (and a good cleaning). The Genesis is a Model 2 VA0 (which has pretty bad audio and video output as far as model 2's go), so I'll replace that with an s-video modded VA3 (despite HDG model 1's having proven higher-quality audio/video, I'm sentimental for the model 2). The TV only has RF input (and a bit of burn-in, it was made in 1987 after-all...) so I'll replace that with a newer Svideo-capable monitor I have on the way (it'll also match the kiosk better as it doesn't have the garish faux wood appearance). The original speakers are completely shot - the cone on one is damaged, and the other outputs a horrid static noise. In addition to replacing those, it turns out the original audio amplifier circuit board only takes mono input despite having a chip capable of stereo output, so I'll replace that with a stereo-capable one (not technically historically accurate, but I'll live with it). I'll add progress pictures as I go!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm currently on the hunt for these Nintendo shelf danglers. If anyone in the group has one of these for sale in great condition, shoot me a message! Thanks!
  3. Hell, let's expand it to cover anything Wii U kiosk related... a one stop shop if you will. Below the table is where you can find additional information, such as what TVs can be used to replace the OEM Lynx monitor, a list of demo discs, etc.. If you have information not listed in here, please let me know so I can incorporate it into this post. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose is to collect a list of users that have one of the popular Wii U Demo Kiosk units. If you own one and want to be on the list... post your info below... If you want to receive the "Kiosk" Award, we are going to have to see pics (with your NA name in the pic). Legend for the table: *1Lynx Monitor -- :*( broken / damaged monitor *2Back Advertising -- W: White background with grey/blue Wii U logo B: Mario Maker, Pokken Tournament, Splatoon (Black bar across bottom) R: Pokken Tournament, Mario Maker, Splatoon (Red Nintendo logo box at top) K: Mario Kart 8 MM: Mario Maker *3Documentation -- S: Setup/Assembly Documentation C-I U: Cat-I Update Instructions R: Removal/Disassembly Documentation GSMKI: Gamestop Wii U INTV Graphics WUPM12SP Mario Kart 8 Kit Installation Instructions (Includes Wii U Floor Interactive Graphic Replacement Procedure - PN80010 Rev. A) MKPB: Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Days Playbook. N: None Last Updated: 10/30/19 11:04 pm (VGS time) # Name Member Serial # Model # Gamepad Wii Remotes Demo Console Lynx Monitor*1 Monitor Bezel WiiU LED Sign Original High Security Key Subwoofer Wrench Back Sign*2 Papers*3 Interactive Demo Discs 1 Kacy Cariaso #1619 2 David Campos #446 3 Bob Wiscott #719B8 4 Jason DeWispeleare dewisp02 #1517 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y :*( Y Y Y Y Y Y R, GSMKI, MKPB Nov 15 5 Paul Solo #478 or 479 6 Stefan Ortego WinnersDontUseDrugs #592B8 NOA-U-GS WUPM128P-WU N N N ? Y Y Y Y ? ? ? ? 7 Katie Faul #963 8 Myles Lee Biedrzycki #292 9 Jason Kelley #653 10 Darrin Peloquin #407 11 Jeremy Van-Scoy #468 12 Haitham Sameer Abdel-Rahman #1152 13 Kingsley Alexander #881 14 Kingsley Alexander #1006 15 Jared Smith Ared37 #4726 N N N N Y Y N Y Y Y N 16 Matthew Schalk SNESNESCUBE64 #646 WUPM128P-WU N Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y R R 17 Nicbball22 - - N N Y - - - - - - - - 18 Justin Steimer Silverspoon #1336 N N N N Y N N Y N Y N N 19 necroking #332 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y ? Y N N 20 ProtonX Y - - - - Y - - - - - - 21 XYZ 22 AD adalton1985 #551 unknown N Y N N Y Y N Y N Y N 23 SimplyRetroGaming Live_Fr0m_NY 775B8 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N Y Y N Y Y N N N 24 Keith Kamikawa KAMIKAWA #474B8 NOA-U-GS WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y N Y N Y N N 25 Rebekah Golden Ghostly #1307 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N 26 Otraotaku #1491 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N N Y N N N N N N 27 Andrew Lynch megamanfan #1040 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y ? C-I U 101446 Dec 14, 0100872 Nov 14 28 shipwrecked missing ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 29 Evan Masingill acromite53 #618B8 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y ? R N N 30 Adam Prentice toltecnightmare #649 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y N Y N Y N N 31 Mr E ninjistar #950B8 NOA-U-GS WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N 32 Han han2 #275B8 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N 33 DeuceGamer DeuceGamer #4183 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y :*( Y Y N Y N Y N May 15, Aug 15, Nov 15, Mar 16 34 GlaciusPrime GlaciusPrime #309 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N 35 David Qualls DQ187 ? WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y N Y Y Y N N 36 D Williams Dragonight #1437 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N N N N N N N N N 37 TDIRunner #331B8 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N N Y N Y N N N N 38 Anonymous anonymous #765 WUPM128P-WUP N Y N N Y Y N N Y N N N 39 Clint Gibbs cgfeelit 559B8 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N Y N N N N Y N N 40 ? ? #4032 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N N N N N Y Y N N 41 ? ? #696 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y :*( Y Y N Y Y Y CI-U May 15, Oct 15 42 ? ? WUPM128P-WUP N N N N Y N N Y Y Y N N 43 ? ? #686 WUPM128-WUP N N N Y :*( Y Y Y Y Y Y N N 44 Angelo Person aperson94 #922 N N N Y Y Y N Y Y Y N N 45 Kylie D. Kyliemale #4060 WUPM128P-WUP N N N N Y Y N N Y Y R N 46 Theron Moustakes theronm #1549 N N N Y Y Y Y Y N Y N N 47 Pete Andy_Bogomil #4797 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N N 48 Retrosteve #4032 N N N ? Y Y Y Y Y R C-I U May 15 49 William MunsonRoyE #1585 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N May 14, Dec 14, Aug 15 50 Matt Phillips Puppywaffles #301 N N N N Y Y Y Y N Y N N 51 Nathan Pritchard ToxicNova11 #394b8 wupm128p-wup N N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y ? ? 52 Nostalgia_Collectors #4129 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y W, B, R N N 53 Melanie Lei Mel+Link #36 (Mftd Date: 10/08/2012) WUPM128P-WUP N N N N Y Y N Y Y ? R N 54 blue2dead #625B8 55 D. Hadfield Hadde #1100 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y N Y N N 56 Tom Vogel iyouwas #146 WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N 57 Ed Mandy Flavor #523 (10/08/2012) WUPM128P-WUP N N N Y Y Y Y Y ? ? ? ? 58 59 60 TV/Monitors known to be direct drop-in replacements: (Please include Make, Model #, and resolution info).- VIZIO D32f-E1 1080p 60Hz LED Smart HDTV (4.5out of 5 staWalmart #: 555124166)-Replacement AC Adapter: (barrel size is OD 5.5mm / ID 2.5mm) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009ZZY28M/ref=oh_aui_deta...List of Wii U Demo Discs: (If any are missing from the list, please let me know).-January 13: 79883 (disc) / 79877 (sleeve)-March 13:-June 13:-August 13: 81854 (disc)-October 13: 82215 (disc) -February 14: -March 14: 83178 (disc)-May 14: 83575 (sleeve) / 83402 (disc) -August 14: 100148 (disc)-November 14: 100885 (sleeve) / 100886 (disc) / 100872 (disc)-December 14: 101446 (disc) / 101440 (sleeve) / 101493 (kit)-March 15: -May 15: 102078 (sleeve) / 102079 (disc) / 102091 (disc #1/2) / 102405 (disc #2/2) / 102409 (kit)-August 15: 102811 (sleeve) / 102812 (disc) / 102835 (kit) -November 15: 103291 (sleeve) / 103292 (disc) / 03294 (kit - KIT, CAT-I UPD NOV'15 WUP-USA-GS-PT)-March 16: 103770 (sleeve) / 103771 (disc)-October 16: 104570 (sleeve) / 104571 (disc) -Pikmin 3 Event RTL CANUSA: 81641 (disc)-Pikmin 3 POST RTL: 81642 (disc) List of Back Advertising: (If any are missing from the list, please let me know). -White background with grey/blue Wii U logo-Mario Maker, Pokken Tournament, Splatoon (Black bar across the bottom)-Pokken Tournament, Mario Maker, Splatoon (Red Nintendo logo box at top)-Mario Kart 8-Mario Maker List of Paperwork/Documentation: (If any are missing from the list, please let me know). -Setup/Assembly Documentation-Cat-I Update Instructions - (PN82952-I)-Cat-I Partial Content Update Instructions - (PN82952-G_Instruct_Install_Cat-I_Partial_RTL)-Removal/Disassembly Documentation-Gamestop Wii U INTV Graphics WUPM12SP Mario Kart 8 Kit Installation Instructions (Includes Wii U Floor Interactive Graphic Replacement Procedure - PN80010 Rev. A)-Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Days Playbook. Consists of the following: -Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Days Playbook -Nintendo Wii U CAT-I Content Update Instructions - PN79886-D Instruct, Install CAT-I Update RTL) -Mario Kart Retail Demo FlowHow to pair a gamepad to demo console: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-t...
  4. This is an on going list. Always looking for better pictures or other variations of the different Super Nintendo Kiosk. Kiosk Variations NES M80C – Counter Demonstration Display 13” (Super Nintendo Kiosk) NES M80L – Counter Demonstration Display Base NES M81C – Counter Demonstration Display 20” (Super Nintendo Kiosk) NES M81L – Counter Demonstration Display Base M82C - Mobile Demonstration Display 20” Monitor (Super Nintendo Kiosk) Lighted Game Boy / SNES Interactive Demonstration Module Lighted Interactive Demonstration Floor Display (SNES Kiosk) 20” (Almost 300 lbs) Nintendo 3 System Interactive Demonstration Tower Grey Nintendo Lock Box SNES Kiosk - I Had more information on this but it got lost. Proven by old Nintendo Merchandising Catalogs to be a Kiosk.
  5. I’m just curious what Super Nintendo Kiosks are going for these days. Does it add significant value if the original monitor and sound board have had all the capacitors replaced? Or if you have the original stand?
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