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Minecraft Xbox 360 Variants

Gulag Joe

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So far I have come across 2 Minecraft Xbox 360 variants.

1- along the spine, the code reads G2W-00001. On the back, bottom left corner- X18-85885-01 and the barcode is 885370606508

2- along the spine, the code reads G2W-00002. On the back, bottom left corner- X18-86446-01 and the barcode is 885370606515

Does anyone know of any other variants for this game, and which one of them would be considered a first print?


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7 hours ago, Nathan601 said:

I’m just getting into buying graded video games, and I wanted to buy a sealed copy of Minecraft. Was one just sealed before the other?

Yes Minecraft g2w-00001 came first. I believe Wata now delineates this version as "w/ free xbox live trial". G2w-00002 and later prints (I've seen a 3rd print variant as well) are now labeled "no xbox live trial". There are quite a few wata graded copies that do not have this labeled as the variants went unnoticed early on, but one can determine the the print run either by looking at the spine for the g2w number, the Barcode on the back of the game, or the notation of "free Xbox live trial" printed on the back of the game. To date, I have not seen any wata or vga graded g2w-00001's listed for sale/auction and I've been tracking them since the OP of this thread.

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Can't say I know much about variants for this game, but I believe there have been a few console sets that included Minecraft, so there could be an NFR version out there as well. Although it was probably most likely a digital download code.

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3 hours ago, tidaldreams said:

Is there a reason why this is so valuable? It is a very common game, and I have sold quite a few of them (only have 2 or 3 left). Disc only copies were going for $50+ in December, but looks like prices have cooled down a bit.

I think there's a bit of speculation going on with the game. There are indeed ample sealed copies out there, and yes demand for the game is very high. However, after tracking the game on both eBay and HA since last September, I've only seen copies of the g2w-00001 variant show up four times. So I do believe there is some scarcity when it comes to that particular variant. But you're right, the other variants are popping off right now. My theory is the Minecraft crowd are the same people who are part of the Pokémon crowd.

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