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Going for a cib licensed nes US set! Only 25 carts left!


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I've got quite the mountain to climb ahead of me so I need your help!  I'm going for, at the very least, a cart, manual, box collection of the North American licensed NES releases minus Stadium Events.  Thankfully, I've got most of the games needed!  But I need quite a few still, ranging from common to rare.  I would prefer to trade for these but I would consider offering cash.  Condition doesn't necessarily have to be good.  Just show me what you've got!  C is cart, I is manual, B is box.  Inserts not necessary.   If you have any piece needed, let me know.  Here's what I still need:

Addams family puggsleys scavenger b

A d n d hilsfar ci

Adventures of rad gravity ib

Alex pereo race america cb

American gladiators b

Back to the future ii and iii b

Bards tale b

Bases loaded 4 b

Batman return of the joker i

Batman returns ib

Battletoads and double dragon ib

Blues brothers cb

Bram stokers dracula b

Bubble bobble 2 cib

Bump n jump b

Burai fighter i

Casino kid 2 cib

Chubby cherub ib

Circus caper ib

City connection b

Classic concentration b

Cliffhanger cb

Clu clu land i

Color a dinosaur cb

Conan ib

Conflict i

Conquest of the crystal palace i

Cowboy kid ib

Crash n the boys ib

Cyberball b

Darkman ib

Deadly towers i

Defenders of dynotron b

Die hard cib

Disney jungle book cib

Donkey kong jr math ib

Dragon fighter ib

Dusty diamond ci

Elevator action b

F15 b

F117 b

Faria ib

Ferarri i

Fisher price firehouse ib

Fisher price perfect fit ib

Flight of the intruder b

Flinstones dino peak ib

Flying dragon b

Formula one b

Fox's peter pan ib

Frankenstein ib

Funhouse ib

Gauntlet i

Ghoul school i

Great waldo search b

Gun nac ib

Hook i

Hunt for red october i

Immortal b

Indiana jones last crusade taito i

Indiana last crusade ubisoft cb

Isolated warrior ib

Jackie chan ib

Jeopardy jr i

Jetsons i

Jimmy connors ci

Joe and mac b

Journey to silius ib

Kickmaster ib

Krion conquest ib

Laser invasion c

Last action hero b

Last starfighter b

Legend of kage i

Le empereur ib

Little league b

Little ninja brothers ib

Little samson ib

Muscle b

Magician i

Mappyland b

Marios time machine i

Mechanized attack ib

Mendel palace ib

Mickeys safari in letterland b

Might and magic ib

Mighty bombjack i

Monster in my pocket i

Ms pacman cib

Muppet adventure i

Mutant virus i

Nightmare on elm street b

Ninja crusade ib

Nobunagas ambition 2 ib

Pacman namco cb

Panic restaurant c

Power blade ib

Power punch 2 b

Predator i

Pro sport hockey cib

Punisher b

Rbi baseball b

Racket attack b

Rampart b

Robocop 2 ib

Robocop 3 ib

Rockin kats i

Rollerblade racer ib

Romance 2 cib

Scat ib

Seicross i

Sesame 123 abc b

Silkworm b

Simpsons radioactive b

Ski or die b

Sky kid ib

Slalom b

Soccer b

Space shuttle project c

Spelunker i

Sqoon ib

Stackup ib

Stanley search b

Star trek 25th i

Star trek next ib

Stealth atf ib

Super spy hunter i

Swamp thing ib

Sword master i

Tecmo cup soccer cib

Tmnt tournament fighters i

Terminator ib

Thunder and lightning c

Thunderbirds ib

Toki cb

Tom and jerry ib

Touchdown fever i

Tnc thrillas b

Ultima exodus i

Ultima warriors of destiny ib

Ultimate air combat cb

Ultimate basketball i

Uncharted waters cib

Uninvited i

Wacky races cib

Waynes world i

Wcw b

Werewolf b

World champ i

Wurm i

Zen intergalactic ninja ib

Zombie nation ib


Link to my things for trade:


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Got to mark about 2 dozen items off the list with more coming!  Thank you all so much for the help!!!

Carts needed:


Manuals needed:


Boxes needed:


If some trades work out, the numbers will be more like 135/193/242!  So much progress in just a few months!

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Moderator · Posted
34 minutes ago, Rudybegga said:

Just got some great boxes shipping to me and the biggest piece to a complete us licensed set minus stadium events.  Thank you all so much!


Left to go:

C : 130

I: 179

B: 234




Nice! Curious as to what that is for you. I have a CIB set -SE and a decent Chubby Cherub box was the hardest part for me to snag. 

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On 12/3/2020 at 12:03 PM, doner24 said:

Nice! Curious as to what that is for you. I have a CIB set -SE and a decent Chubby Cherub box was the hardest part for me to snag. 

A Little Samson cart!  Not the hardest but definitely the most expensive and therefore the biggest hurdle since I'm cash strapped.  Not looking for best condition box.  Just one with six sides, a nice spine that's readable, front cover art mostly in tact.  Like if there's writing, preferably not obscuring the front art.  Readable back captions.  None too picky.

Bump for some great gets and a few that may be coming!

C 122

I: 172

B: 224


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