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Updated For Trade thread with really good stuff


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Here's a few more notable/grail items in the hopes of trying to flush out my NES Wants!  I want to keep these items strictly as trade only.  With a particular focus on NES.  If you have hard to find Saturn, Turbo, NEO GEO especially, I would consider it, but main want is NES!

Here's what I still have left to aquire

Here are the items for Trade!  Along with approximate prices.

Tactics Ogre sealed 50


Bomberman NES classics GBA sealed: 50


Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker CB: 65




Shadow of the Ninja cart 80



Strikers 1945 sealed 80


X band snes in the box 150



Jak x Limited Run limited edition 200


Bucky O'Hare cart 250


Pokemon Sun and Moon Dual Pack sealed 280


Secret of Monkey Island IBM 300


Rob the Robot with Gyros 300


Pokemon Puzzle League N64 sealed 300IMG_20220721_223536729.thumb.jpg.f2ee427761e2246151e8c64786decbb5.jpg


Super Bowling IB with inserts 2000IMG_20220721_224046625.thumb.jpg.cbdf5664700fde588ff070a530b2d476.jpg

Pokemon Box missing outer box and link cable. 2000



Sealed Metroid Yellow NES 9.0 Wata Graded: 2700



Nickelodeon ps2: 6000



And a list of other smaller time items




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Well, I have the consoles ready but is anyone looking for consoles?  Have about 2 Atari, 3 genesis, 3 regular NES, 1 toploader, a Master System, a Saturn, 6 n64s, 4 gamecubes, 3 ps1, 1 ps1 slim, 3 ps2 phat, 2 ps2 slim.  A 360.  Willing to trade my ps4 and xbox one as well.

Several handheld as well.

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Added a few things.  Also have a fist of the north star cart, Bucky O'hare cart, Gargoyles Quest II cart and a taboo manual.  I just can't edit my spreadsheet anymore.  Long story.

Have a few new awesome finds.  Really looking for NES at the moment but would consider other.

Just got a few Genesis carts that came available (Zombies ate my Neighbors, Rocket Knight, X-Men,), a disc only Gamecube game (Starfox Assault).  Also, just went through my vinyl doubles and have a list (150 or so.) but that might not be something I'm allowed to post here.

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  • The title was changed to Updated For Trade thread with really good stuff
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