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PS2 Demo discs


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I mean, they aren't worthless, but generally speaking, the magazine coverdiscs like this aren't really worth all that much.  Same for the Holiday 2004 disc which is very common.

Some of the singular game demos are worth more, but 99% of the coverdiscs like this are pretty common and you can usually get them for $1-$5, or often they will sell in bulk lots. 

Occasionally I'll see someone pay a bit more for one of them if they are close to completing the set and just need a few to finish or something.

To add: I've noticed a small spike in the earlier ones (volumes 49-80ish) - even still not super high, but it seems the earlier ones tend to go for more than the later ones.  These spanned from vol. 49 through 112.

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If people don't mind me piggy-backing off of this, a while ago I picked up a complete CIB set of the PlayStation underground from the beginning to the end of the PS1 run.  I think it's 16 discs.

How much is the set worth?  I know some individual underground issues aren't worth much but there are a couple that are more rare than others and I can't always find historical prices on those.  @spacepup You have any clue what my set might be worth?

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2 hours ago, TDIRunner said:

If you decide to get rid of those individually, I might be interested in the shadow of the Colossus disc.  I enjoy anything Ico or SOTC related.  

I am getting rid of them. They’re not pristine, some may need a little buffing. If you want the whole lot PM me


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On 8/14/2020 at 11:06 PM, TDIRunner said:

Not really looking for the entire lot. No big deal if you decide not to split up.  Good luck with the sale.  

I’m not charging for them, just give me your address and pay for shipping and it’s yours. If you want them all you can have them all

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