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SCAM: I got a invoice through Paypal for WHO COVID-19 Relief Fund. This disgusts me.


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As soon as I saw this invoice in Paypal account feed, I didn't have to open it. I  knew/assumed it was a hoax.  I guess it makes sense that if someone has your email, they can just send you an invoice but IMHO this is the most blatant scam I've ever seen beyond the "Nigerian Prince" emails from the early 2000's.

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else has gotten one of these. Aa screenshot of my invoice is listed below.  This is just disgusting.  Anyway, I figured I'd pass it along.  If you have potentially naive family or friends, I guess pass this info along.



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Not the first scam I've seen crop up during the pandemic trying to prey on people, and certainly not the last I imagine. What y'all can do for your part is when you see one is flag it and report e-mails to your chosen service and even go the extra mile and report them to any other business included. In this case I would fire off a report to PayPal themselves if someone is trying to utilize their services.

Fuck people trying to scam others under the pretense of the pandemic. I hope they all get hit buy a bus and their remains lit on fire then doused in acid.

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