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I Can Retire: Legit Number One Personal Grail Achieved (Early Shining Force II Prototype, YouTube Playthrough has BEGUN, also this is a VERY LONG Title)!

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Hi All!

Been a bit as I've been slammed with a million different things, but as many of you recall my most absolute favoritest thing to collect are prototypes and my favorite game series ever is Shining Force, with the second installment being my favorite.

Many years ago, DreamTR put one up for sale in the old NA sales forum and I was fortunate enough to grab it, but alas it was a final version even though it had some quirks, namely that the save file was corrupted and the physical version was glitched to hell and crashed when it started up, though the rom was complete and playable just fine. As I recall, the main character turned into a boat after the first step and then couldn't move anymore lol.

I was contented with owning any SF II proto and considered myself fortunate, but then last year, across my IG feed the following beauty appeared and changed my everything.

What we have here is not just a giant tank of a proto, but the earliest known (very, very early) prototype of the game. In fact, I think it's the only other physical copy known. All I did was start up the game and run the approximately 8 minute opening cut scene and, well...I'll let the results speak for themselves. Anyone familiar with this game will understand things even more (the rat's name in the released US version is "Slade," not "Jippo"), but on its face some stuff is pretty obvious lol...


This particular proto has been held by various collectors throughout the years and never released, but I'm doing so. If you are interested, please just send me a message and it's yours. I never plan to move or sell it anyway, and to me the value is always in the physical copy and I'd like everyone to have the chance to experience it.

As I have chunks of time, I'll be recording my playthrough via a framemeister and Gato and uploading the videos to YouTube on the same account as above. How long this will take I do not know, but hopefully not terribly long...

Any questions, please do let me know! I'd love to see comments for anyone familiar with the game who notices stuff that isn't completely obvious (of which there is quite a bit).


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Wow good on you to break a sad trail of selfish behavior.  It's still the same proto, it's still just as rare, even if someone cared to try and fake it, anyone who would be into such an expensive niche interest wouldn't last long if they couldn't spot that kind of age vs manufactured age.  At least now you have something special, and much like a museum of sorts, the public an enjoy the artifact on display as well.

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On 9/14/2020 at 8:25 PM, prototector said:

Sorry for the bump, but ExplodedHamster seems inactive and I can't reach him on here, nor Youtube. Would anyone be able to PM me the link to the file, please? Or if you're in contact with EH, to let him know I'd really like to try this proto.


Pretty sure he's on instagram as well.  I sold him some stuff on there once.

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On 9/17/2020 at 10:36 AM, prototector said:

Thanks, I'll try leaving him a comment. How does buying/selling stuff work on there, by the way? Through DMs with followers, or?

Through DMs, sometimes people do claim sales where they rapid fire post a bunch of games at once one by one and people comment claim if they want it, etc.

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