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  1. Sorry for the bump, but ExplodedHamster seems inactive and I can't reach him on here, nor Youtube. Would anyone be able to PM me the link to the file, please? Or if you're in contact with EH, to let him know I'd really like to try this proto. Thanks
  2. Yeah, sorry to say, second the others. It looks like they just took the bin/cue files uploaded to the internet and literally wrote those to the disc, rather than writing the data of the bin itself to the disc. I was expecting the latter at least, but this looks blatantly terrible. EDIT: Wow, the file names are nearly identical to the uploaded ones. Only difference, they just trimmed off the "_VER_E3" after the "2". @Kimbolemonslice, could you please open the cue file in Notepad? What is the name of the bin file referenced in the text?
  3. Exactly. So it can all match to the released version, even creation date, but that still doesn't certify it being real. It's still the best case scenario, though, for a start.
  4. Don't forget that the E3 playable preview of Silent Hill 2 is already released online, available to download. Not saying that's the nail on the coffin, but it is certainly a factor to consider. So even if the dates on this disc seem consistent with the time frame of E3 2001, it's not as indicative of the legitimacy.
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