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I'm in.

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I'm in. Hi everybody!

I'm still flipping eggs, still living that married life, and still raising my 3 kids. 


Still playing video games, though not as often as I widh I could because of time, etc. Most recently completed Ocarina of Time and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Just recently fired up Final Fantasy 7 and I hope to get all the way through it before wanting to move on to other things.

Still collecting. Strictly disc games, ps3, game cube and ps2. Mostly jrpgs and system classics. I dont have a collection that will wow anyone, but im happy with it nonetheless. One day I hope to flip my collection into a down payment for a house in the next 5 years. I have no time for hunts "in the wild" so my acquisitions are from flipping collections i buy on eBay or locally for profit and reinvested into my collection. It takes a long time to do, but it is economically sustainable and fun to do at the same time. 

When I'm not playing video games, working, or having family time, i can usually be found cranking some heavy metal music. If it has a loud electric guitar, thunderous double bass drums and a singer/screamer putting it all out there, I probably love it!

Cheers, everyone! I'm happy to be at the new site!




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1 hour ago, Astor Reinhardt said:

I still haven't managed to flip games and consoles with any real amount of success...

Just have to be patient and the profit is very low and slow moving. In 3 years I've grown my collection by *maybe* 4 grand. If I wasn't having fun doing it it wouldnt be worth my time. From a dollars and cents point of view, I would not call it "sucessful." Just a productive time waster.


You have to creative too. If you buy a collection with a broken wavebird for example, the parts are worth more than the whole, so you need to list them on eBay individually. 

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