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Hey everyone, I've been thinking about downsizing so here's some things that are ready to go. I was on NA and had a perfect rating there, and my eBay feedback is 100% positive if you need references. Prices include shipping. Any questions or want to see pictures, shoot me a message.

Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Color

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (CIB) $215

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (CIB) SOLD

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (CIB) SOLD

SNES (All cart only unless annotated)

Earthbound Cart w/Guide (scratch n' sniff cards included) $525

Castlevania Dracula X (CART ONLY) SOLD

Jetsons Invasion of the Planet Pirates SOLD

Adventures of Batman and Robin SOLD


Worms Armageddon (CIB) SOLD

Bomberman: the Second Attack (CIB) w/Registration Card SOLD

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (CIBSOLD

Pokemon Stadium (CIB) Reproduction cardboard insert tray, NO TRANSFER PACK

Pokemon Stadium 2 (CIB) Reproduction cardboard insert tray SOLD

Mario Party 3 (CIB) SOLD

Harvest Moon 64 (Cart Only) $75

Pokemon Snap (Cart Only) $25

Banjo-Tooie (Cart Only) $40


Panzer Dragoon Saga (CIB) SOLD

Virtua Fighter Remix (CIB) w/Registration Card $275

X-Men Children of the Atom (CIB) $115

X-Men vs Street Fighter w/4MB Cart (CIB, JP) $80

Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter (JP) SOLD

Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness (CIB, JP) SOLD

Wipeout (Disc only) $10


Splatterhouse 2 CIB SOLD

Mutant League Football CIB SOLD

Shinobi 3 CIB SOLD

Sega CD

Sega CD Model 1 (working and tested) SOLD


Lunar the Silver Story (Disc Only) SOLD


Retro City Rampage DX (Second release, Sealed CIB) SOLD


Shovel Knight (Sealed CIB) SOLD

Reproductions/Home Brew

Get 'em Gary (CIB) NES SOLD

The Incident (CIB) NES SOLD

Solaris (CIB) NES $35

Assimilate (CIB) NES $35

Earthbound 25th Anniversary (CIB #45 of 50) NES SOLD

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (CIB) NES SOLD

Spider-Man (CIB) NES SOLD

Batman and Robin (CIB) NES SOLD

Superman (CIB) NES SOLD

Socks the Cat (CIB) SNES SOLD


Mario Party Furnace Land Edition (CIB) N64 SOLD

Fix-it Felix Jr. (CIB) Genesis SOLD

Mega Man the Wily Wars (CIB) Genesis $60

Mother 3 (CIB) GBA $30

Mega Man X Street Fighter Press Kit (Sealed) Fan made, no game $75



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