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XBOX 360 Exclusives

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I bought a new shelf to display my Sega and OG Xbox games and decided to use a small shelf for Xbox 360 games, but I didn't own any.

So far I have picked up:

Raiden IV

Raiden Fighter Aces


Akai Katana 

Alan Wake

Tenchu Z


I am looking for:

Ninja Gaiden ll

Velvet Assassin

Halo 3

Gears of War

Fight Night 3

Fear 1, 2


I have most of the solid games that are also available on the PS3 already. Does anyone have any other suggestions? (As far as schmups go, I am going to wait til I play my games more before buying more Cave games)


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If you like shmups, system exclusives, anime, hidden gems, and Square Enix, then you'll love Project Sylpheed. The controls are fully customizable after the tutorial, there's a lot of replay value, all the Achievements are offline and fairly easy to obtain, the DLC is currently free, it's a graphics showcase, and will likely never see a re-release on a newer system. Once you get past the first few missions and start building up your fighter the game really picks up, and you can keep all your unlocks into additional playthroughs.


Operation Darkness is another 360 exclusive that is also a future grail, and is already getting tough to find.



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So I'll grab Halo Reach, don't think I've played that.

As for more Cave Schmups, I am not sure if I am going to go any further down that road. I own Grind Stormer, Donpachi, Do Donpachi, Deathsmiles (haven't played), Mushihimesama (haven't played) (ps2), and Ketsui Deathtiny and tbh I am having trouble really enjoying them. I know they are beautiful games, I respect the inutitive control, but I need to play the ones I have more because I don't get the same feeling I get from other shmups.

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