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FS: 290 Nintendo Power Magazines. $2/issue meetup near SE Michigan. PENDING


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I am downsizing some things and looking to sell roughly 200 NP magazines but not sure what the interest is for these.  I would like to do local pickup.  I am in SE Michigan and I frequently visit family NE Ohio.  Willing to meet halfway for people in IN or Chicago area.  I am open to shipping but only if a deal doesn't materialize in the coming weeks.

There are some duplicates.  They are in varying condition from fair to great.  Looking to sell all at once for $580 total ($2 per issue) OBO as I would just like them gone.  Not interested in selling 1-2 per person as I dont have the time to ship out atm.

Lastly, if anyone knows the best way to ship these in a lot, I would welcome the advice!  

For the list below, I tried to detail anything included beyond the poster and notate any missing items I noticed (if something was included and  it listed below, assume it is missing).  Most issues have the players polls but I did not track those.  Some issues have a small tear on the cover from re.kval of shipping labels (some issues include old shipping labels as well).  The first section has the poster included for all issues, next is the issues missing posters (Nintendo mostly disco tinued posters after issue #227 so many of those fall under the Ni Poster category), then I list odds and ends.


 Poster Included            

Issue #  Condition            Other

2             Good     No calendar

3             Good     Marker on spine

5             Good    

6             Fair/Good            Marker on spine

7             Fair        Cover detached and taped back on

8             Fair        Small hole in cover; cover is loose

9             Good     Missing Dragon Wariior guide

12           Good/Great       

14           Good    

14           Great    

16           Good    

20           Good/Great       

20           Fair       

22           Good/Great        x2 copies

22           Good/Great        x2 copies

23           Fair        Tear on cover

23           Good/Great       

24           Good/Great       

24           Good    

25           Good    

26           Good/Great       

29           Good/Great       

29           Good/Great       

31           Fair/Good            Spine is worn

36           Good/Great       

37           Good    

38           Good/Great       

39           Good    

40           Good/Great       

41           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached; coupons attached

42           Fair        All Super Power Cards attached; cover is taped

42           Good/Great        Last Issue cover

43           Fair        Back cover torn

44           Fair        Inclues Mario Paint insert, Arwing, all Super Power Cards, and controller overlays

45           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

46           Good/Great       

46           Good/Great       

48           Good/Great       

49           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

49           Good/Great       

50           Fair        All Super Power Cards attached; cover has tears but mostly intact

51           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

51           Good     Coupons attached

52           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

52           Good/Great       

53           Good/Great       

54           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

54           Fair        Spine is worm

56           Fair/Good            SNES power index attached; all Super Power Club cards attached; crease in cover; wear on spine

57           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

58           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

58           Fair/Good            Back cover is wavy

59           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

59           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

60           Fair        All Super Power Cards attached

61           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

61           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

62           Good     All Super Power Cards attached

63           Great     All Super Power Cards attached

63           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

64           Fair        Piece of back cover is loose

65           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached; x2 copies

65           Good/Great        Coupons attached; x2 copies

66           Good/Great       

67           Fair        All Super Power Cards attached; spine is worn

67           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

68           Good     includes DKC iron-on decal

69           Good/Great       

70           Good/Great       

70           Good    

71           Good/Great        x2 copies

71           Good     x2 copies

72           Fair/Good           

72           Good    

73           Fair        All DKC cards attached; front corner of cover is missing; x2 copies

73           Fair/Good            Only 4 DKC cards are attached; x2 copies

74           Good/Great        Includes Earthbound insert

74           Fair/Good            Earthbound insert with coupon attached

75           Good/Great        Virtual Boy cards attached

76           Good/Great        Blockbuster Coupons attached

77           Good/Great        Yoshi's Island cards attached but close to coming detached

78           Good/Great       

79           Good/Great        All DKC2 cards attached

80           Fair/good            Earthworm Jim Puzzle attached

81           Fair/good           

82           Good/Great        Mortal Kombat 3 cards attached

83           Fair        Cover is detached; x3 copies

83           Fair        Writing on cover; x3 copies

83           Good     Small tear on cover; x3 copies

84           Good     Includes Super Mario RPG Cards; Cover is loose but attached

85           Good/Great        x2 copies

85           Good/Great        x2 copies

88           Good/Great        x2 copies

88           Good/Great        x2 copies

90           Good    

91           Good     cover is loose but attached

93           Good/Great       

98           Good/Great       

99           Fair       

100        Good/Great       

103        Good/Great       

104        Good     Coupons attached

105        Fair/Good           

106        Good    

107        Good/Great       

108        Good/Great       

109        Good     1 inner page is detached

110        Good    

112        Good    

113        Good    

115        Good    

116        Good/Great       

116        Good/Great       

117        Good/Great       

117        Good/Great       

118        Fair/Good            Vigilante 8 foldout attached; Pokemon card removed

118        Good/Great        Pokemon card removed; Vigilante foldout removed

119        Good    

120        Good    

122        Good    

123        Good    

124        Good/Great        Pokemon Card detached

125        Good    

126        Good/Great       

127        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

128        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

129        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

130        Good/Great       

131        Good/Great        Pokemon Stadium Cards attached; Pokemon Flapper Card is missing

132        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

133        Good     Pokemon Comic attached

133        Good/Great        Mustang insert attached; Pokemon comic attached

134        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached; Power Supply catalog attached

135        Good/Great        Pokemon Movie Preview pamphlet attached; Pokemon card removed

136        Good/Great       

138        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

139        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

140        Good/Great        Sticker sheet attached

141        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

142        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

143        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

144        Good/Great       

145        Good/Great       

146        Good/Great       

147        Good/Great       

148        Good/Great       

149        Good    

150        Good/Great       

151        Good    

152        Good/Great        No sticker sheet

154        Fair/Good            Both posters attached; Gauntlet card attached; cover is worn

155        Fair        Cover mostly detached

158        Very Poor            Cover is detached along with 2 more pages

163        Fair/Good           

165        Fair/Good            Both posters attached

166        Fair/Good           

167        Good    

170        Good     includes Pokemon cards, Freaky Flyers insert

178        Good    

179        Good/Great       

180        Good/Great       

182        Good/Great       

187        Good/Great       

189        Good     Wario card attached

190        Great    

196        Good/Great        Pokemon Sticker sheet attached

199        Good/Great        Wifi pamphlet attached

201        Good/Great       

202        Good/Great       

203        Good/Great       

204        Good/Great       

208        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

209        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

210        Good/Great        Pokemon Comic attached

212        Great     Pokemon Comic attached

213        Good/Great       

214        Great    

216        Great    

217        Good/Great       

233        Good/Great        Both posters attached

234        Great    

236        Good/Great        Both posters attached

251        Great     No card

260        Good/Great        Poster and LOTR Card

265        Good/Great       

273        Good/Great       



No Poster             ( Nintendo mostly discontinued posters after issue #227)         

Issue #  Condition            Other

4             Good     Jan/Feb 89

6             Fair        Marker on cover

9             Good    

10           Fair/Good            Cover is loose

10           Good     Batman Cover

11           Fair       

12           Good    

12           Good    

14           Good     Jul/Aug 90

18           Good     Cover is loose

19           Good/Great       

21           Good    

26           Fair/Good            Spine is worn

35           Good/Great       

45           Good/Great        Missing a mailing insert

53           Good/Great        All Super Power Cards attached

55           Poor/Fair             All Super Power Cards attached; Cover is stained

55           Good/Great       

57           Good    

64           Poor      Cover is detached

68           Good    

78           Good/Great       

84           Fair/Good           

84           Good    

86           Good/Great       

86           Good    

87           Fair/Good           

89           Fair/Good           

89           Good     Blockbuster insert

90           Fair/Good            Cover is loose

91           Good    

92           Good/Great        Stormtrooper cover variant

94           Fair/Good            Worn spine

95           Good/Great       

96           Good    

97           Good    

98           Fair        Tape on spine on bottom corner

101        Good    

102        Good/Great       

111        Good    

150        Good/Great       

153        Fair       

159        Poor      Cover is missing

159        Good    

160        Fair        Cover is beat up

161        Good    

164        Fair/Good           

168        Good    

171        Good     Drawing on shipping label

172        Fair/Good           

173        Good     No Eon Ticket

175        Good     Missing sticker inserts

176        Good/Great       

177        Good    

186        Good    

191        Good/Great        DS insert & cards attached

192        Good/Great        DS attachment and cards attached

194        Good/Great       

195        Good    

197        Good/Great       

198        Great    

206        Good/Great       

207        Good/Great        Touch Generation insert included; Pokemon comic attached

215        Good/Great       

218        Good/Great       

221        Good/Great       

227        Good/Great       

228        Great    

229        Great    

230        Good/Great       

231        Good/Great        Mushroom Men Cards attached

232        Good    

235        Good/Great        Classified Informatio attachment intact

237        Good/Great        Pokemon Sticker sheet attached

238        Good/Great       

239        Good/Great       

240        Good/Great       

241        Good/Great       

242        Good/Great       

244        Good/Great       

245        Good/Great       

246        Good/Great        Star Wars Clone Wars attachment intact

248        Good/Great       

253        Good/Great       

254        Good/Great       

255        Good    

256        Good/Great       

259        Good/Great        LOTR card attached

261        Good/Great       

262        Good/Great       

263        Good/Great       

264        Good/Great       

266        Fair/Good            Cover is taped on small portion of the spine

269        Good    

270        Good/Great       

271        Good/Great       

272        Good/Great       

274        Good/Great       

275        Good    

277        Good/Great       

278        Good/Great       

279        Good/Great       

281        Good/Great       

282        Good/Great       




Other Items       

Wii Handbook 2009         Good/Great

Nintendo Power Advance 1         Good

Game Genie Codebook  Good

Mega Man Zero 2 Guide - Brady Games  Good

Rogue Galaxy Guide        Good

Majora's Mask Guide - Versus Books       Good

Zelda Oracle Ages/Seasons Guide - Versus Books               Good

Super Mario Advance Guide - Versus Books          Good




Nintendo Power Posters - Loose

Star Wars Clone Wars

Sonic Heroes

Top Gun Combat Zones

Yu Yu Hakusho

Zelda Orcale of Seasons

Warriors of Might and Magic

The Hobbit





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I got a similar issue, eventually I need to down size my Nintendo powers too. If the sale goes well let me know how it went would definitely like to know their’s still interest for Gaming magazines.

Good luck with the sale, hope you find a good home for them.

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23 minutes ago, zeppelin03 said:

I would be curious what a lot of NP go for.  I wouldn't mind a chunk of the N64/GameCube era.

I've been leisurely collecting them for a year or two now, but personally I go for the cheapest ones I can find and pick them up often single issues, or maybe a lot of 3-5 issues at a time. Having done it this way, I've been paying like ~$4/issue. Though that means some of them are fairly beat up; some are missing posters/etc. I'm okay with that, as I'm more about reading them anyway, so posters are just a nice extra if they happen to be included. Obviously at some point I'll be left with just the pricier issues to pick up - #1 and #285 being the two big outliers. Anyway, my totally unscientific research seems to say that the N64 era is some of the cheaper and easier to find issues.

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2 hours ago, LutherDestroysTheGond said:

I have quite a few from that time period.  I can PM you when I have it cataloged.  Do you live anywhere near MI?

I'm west of Cleveland.  I head up to the Port Clinton/Marblehead area often enough as well.  If you are cataloging anyhow a PM would be great.  I can run it by my wife and gauge her interest. 

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8 hours ago, zeppelin03 said:

I'm west of Cleveland.  I head up to the Port Clinton/Marblehead area often enough as well.  If you are cataloging anyhow a PM would be great.  I can run it by my wife and gauge her interest. 

Ok great, I added a detailed list above.  Ideally I would like to sell all at once but I may be open to selling a chunk of issues at once.  I have family on the West side of CLE as well that I visit frequently.

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59 minutes ago, zeppelin03 said:

Do you have a minimum in mind for how many you would sell as a chunk?  I have a feeling we would be looking for fewer than you would be looking to sell at once.

Not at the moment, ideally one bulk sale will work out.  How many were you thinking?  Feel free to PM me with details.


If I need to start separating it out and worry about making multiple meetups happen and/or shipping then the price of $2/issue also goes up.  


For someone to get these there is definitely lots of resell potential of you have the time and energy to make listings.

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