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Jeevan's Feedback Thread


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Events Helper · Posted
16 hours ago, OptOut said:

Made a deal with @Jeevan for the full final 17 N64 US exclusive carts I need for my collection.

Dude went above and beyond accumulating them for me on eBay over a couple months, and he's a real star.

Very good dude to do business with, and a good friend!

+1 positive

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Events Helper · Posted
4 hours ago, Jeevan said:


Seller: @Mega Tank

Buyer: Jeevan

Description: $ for sealed gba game

Status: Complete


Perfect, plan on doing business in the future if he has something I want!!  +1    Sorry I almost forgot, was waiting for the new system!

Assume a +1 Unless he responds otherwise 😛 

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