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Pictures of Toys R Us from 1999-2000

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Saw this in the N64 reddit. Someone found a bunch of pictures of a Toys R Us in 1999-2000 timeframe. They are stores that were in NJ, Paramus and Hanover according to the source. I may have been in the Hanover one as a kid. My parents only brought me to a TRU a couple times when I was a kid when I got giftcards because it was a decent distance from where we live in NW NJ.

The Pictures


The person with the pictures on Twitter


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52 minutes ago, ICrappedMyPants said:

Look at all of those SNES games, I don’t remember seeing that many at TRU by me back in 2000.

It could have been 1999.  True, that was still very late, but notice that many of those appear to be under $20.  So... there were a lot but they appear to be clearanced out as well.

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